Design for the product



We already know that staying inspired when you’re creating new Zazzle designs can sometimes be a challenge. This week we have a new creativity tip for you: let the product itself kick start your design idea!

What do we mean by that? Simple: rather than trying to find a product that fits your design, try thinking the other way around. Start by looking at a blank product, and let it guide you to the perfect design for that product.

Once you’ve started looking at a particular product type, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the shape of the design area?

Differently shaped products can lend themselves to different types of designs. What type of text or artwork fits perfectly in that shape? For example, if you’re taking a look at our invitation products, you might be inspired by one of our new invitation styles.

  • What can the product be used for?

Many customers have a specific occasion, event, or project in mind when looking for custom products. Think like a customer and ask yourself what the perfect use for a particular product would be. Is it for a party or celebration? A fun DIY project? A gift for a special someone? Make the purpose of the product apparent to help catch a customer’s interest.

  • Why would a customer look for this type of product?

Along the same lines, try to imagine why a customer would be looking for that product. Maybe they’re looking for unique and memorable promotional material for their business, or a fun custom accessory for something they already own. Show your customers why buying the product is a great idea!

  • Where is this product going to be used?

Once a customer purchases your product, where will it go? Imagining the final destination of your product can help you think of a design that will look exactly right once it is in your customer’s hands. For home decor products, will the product be a bright centerpiece for a living room, or a soft accent for a nursery? Will an electronics case be used to modernize a business iPad or add eye-catching flair to an otherwise boring phone?


Thinking about a product’s shape, style, and use can get you on the right track to the perfect design that your customers will be looking for. What inspiration have you found from Zazzle products? Don’t forget to check our News forum for any recently added product lines you may have missed!

One Response to “Design for the product”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Very helpful as usual especially for new contributors! 🙂

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