Holy smokes, Batman: you’re 75!


Nananana nananana nananana nananana Batday! He’s senior now, man. Respect. And DC Comics is celebrating his 75th anniversary, as you would, with a big, big bang.


Top this: DC Entertainment is partnering with thousands of comic shops, bookstores and libraries across the country to celebrate all things Batman on July 23. It’s like a country-wide Batcave.


That means free special editions of Detective Comics #27 and mega collectibles like a 75th anniversary cape and special Batmasks. Detective Comics #27 will also be downloadable for free at www.readdcentertainment.com for the Kindle, Google Play, Nook and more.


For deets: www.batman75.com.


Basically, this is Bruce Wayne billionaire big. Whoa! So how else can you Batsuit up and join the legions of fans celebrating #Batman75?


Start with your iPhone 5. Get it a Batman Head Mantra Case for instant badass, like a Batmobile for your phone:



Keep your cash in a Batman Image Wallet, safe and protected from Joker and Penguin, and anyone else who comes your way:



Or toast the villain yourself with a classic Joker Graffiti Tee. There’s nothing more iconic and awesomely evil than that big gashed mouth:



Now you just need your Robin, and you’re good to fly.

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