All About Animals: Unicorns for Kids’ Rooms


Unicorns weren’t always so sweet, you know. The unicorns of the Old Testament were wild, untamable mountain beasts of ferocious power. In Ancient Greece, they were described as so swift of hoof that no creature alive could catch them.

One thing is certain, though, unicorns always were and always will be magical. In Japan, unicorns dispense one-horned mystic justice, hunting down and punishing criminals. In China, gentle unicorns are omens of good fortune. In the West, unicorns dominated the legends of the Middle Ages with their uncanny abilities to manifest miraculous healing and true love. In their mystery and majesty, unicorns have come to occupy a respected place in the royal crests of kings from the UK to Hungary and beyond.

Unicorns may have faded into mere fables today, but they still have the power to bewitch the young, and young at heart everywhere. Now, the magic doesn’t have to go away. Bring home your own private unicorn to magically brighten up the room of your little princess or prince.

The Musée National du Moyen Âge in Paris is built around displaying this 700-year-old master tapestry from Flanders. There is no more iconic image of the medieval unicorn and its chosen maiden than this one, which has enchanted artists and storytellers for centuries.

May your dreams always be unicorns and rainbows. Make it happen with these soft and colorful pillows for little girls and boys who would love a little magic in their lives. The pillows come in three different sizes, and each can be personalized with the name of the person in your life who makes everything fantastical.

Your kids are probably too young to remember this, but Journey kicked off the ’80s with their power anthem, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The people listened, and they didn’t stop. That’s what made this track the best-selling rock song in iTunes history with over five million downloads. Fly your Journey flag high and pass on the love to your kids with this fun rainbow and unicorn poster tribute to the power of believing.

So yes, unicorns are quite awesome!

3 Responses to “All About Animals: Unicorns for Kids’ Rooms”

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  3. Nicole Says:

    Who does not believe in Unicorns? Great products! 🙂

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