All About Animals: Elephants in Your Office


Majestic and inspiring images of elephants are a perfect way to promote excellence and goodwill through your everyday accessories. The grandest of land mammals, elephants are known for their high intelligence and exceptional memory. Many Asian cultures consider elephants to be symbols of wisdom, and these sage animals are rightly protected worldwide by international law. Although you may not want to occupy the desk right next to one, pondering pictures of these awesome giants reminds us to be big, bold and beautiful.

Organize your appointments and jot down your to-do lists in this handy notebook adorned with a picture of a playful young pachyderm. This compact notebook is a perfect fit for your handbag or backpack – you’ll be excited to write down all your ideas, big and small!

Outfit your favorite space with this colorful dry-erase board. Keep important details and events in focus with big, bright writing next to the animal known never to forget. This fun addition to your decor is available in small, medium, or large sizes and can be customized with designs and photos to match your mood or project’s personality.

Fleeting ideas, mini-thoughts and momentary wisps of inspiration can morph into groundbreaking works and innovative ideas. It’s a good thing you keep a journal handy to jot it all down while on the go, lest you forget and rob the world of your brilliance! This handmade journal with a tribal paisley elephant design is perfect for afternoons at the museum, walks in the woods and cross-country adventures.

Wrap your digital library of written works with this hand-sewn case made from recycled materials. As masters of memory protect your literary passions, reading will be a joy every time you gloss over this friendly cover. It’s tailored to fit your device and will get you ready for a thrilling safari, a lazy roam on the savanna, or a cleansing waterfall bath in the middle of the jungle!

These elephant-inspired items will instill a sense of strength and fun in your life! Hang it up, jot it down and don’t forget to take it with you.

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