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DIY Business Cards As Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

January 30, 2014

Today’s guest post is from Kelli Agnich – her second post this week  one of our resident merchandising and DIY experts!

As the mom of 2 little girls, I wanted to find cute Valentines for them to pass out to their classmates and friends. We headed to the drugstore, where I remember going for Valentines as a child, but neither of the girls were super jazzed about the generic card packs there. We ran by a specialty paper store and *I* wasn’t super jazzed about paying the price for high-end (but very cute!) Valentines! 😉

Our solution: let the girls create their own Valentine on Zazzle!

We thought about making a folded card or a postcard, but realized that the Chubby Business Card size was just perfect for fitting in classroom Valentine bags or boxes. The bonus came when we discovered the “Extra-thick” card option so that the feel is substantial and the cards don’t bend easily (think triple thick cardstock weight). The girls were even more excited to find that they could choose a red center for the edge of the card, so we created our design around that!

Here’s how to do it:

You can start with the basic template for this cute card.

I wanted to upload my daughter Emily’s photo from Instagram, so I clicked “Change” and was able to upload it directly from Instagram with Zazzle’s integrated tool!

kids valentine 1

I updated the “Child’s Name” box to read “-Emily” and left the “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message the same per the very specific instructions of my 4 year-old designer. 😉

kids valentine 2

This same 4 year-old decided that she didn’t want the text to be red, so I clicked the blue “Customize It!” button and let her choose the color!

kids valentine 3

We made the text a little bit bigger, so I clicked on the “Show/Hide Art View” icon to check that our text was still within the dotted line border to make sure that it isn’t cut off.

kids valentine 4

We did the same thing to change the font color for “-Emily” and had ourselves an adorable Valentine front!

Because she and her friends are not yet reading, we customized the back by clicking the “X” at the end of each of the 3 design elements.

kids valentine 5

To change the background color, I clicked “Edit” and “Background” at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

kids valentine 6

In the “Paper Options” menu, I selected the “Chubby” size and the “Ultra-Thick Premium Paper, Red Core” type.

kids valentine 7

Here’s our final card!

kids valentine 8 final

kids valentine 8 final back

I love the solid pink back because it’s a perfect space for taping a Valentine’s treat!

And here is a special discount code for you for 50% off business cards: VDAYBUSINESS. But use it quickly because it expires February 15th!

Valentine’s Day Cards Poem

January 29, 2014

Roses are red and violets are blue,

And we have  all the right cards for you.


Some for the family,

Ones with hearts and with love,

Some for that special someone,

That you can’t get enough of.

Some that are funny,

For the jokers out there,

And some that are wild,

That you’ll never forget.

Glitter + Girlfriends = Galentine’s Day

January 28, 2014

Today’s guest post is from Kelli Agnich, one of our resident merchandising and DIY experts!

Celebrate February 14th in style by gathering the girls you love for a “Glitter + Girlfriends” soirée!

We’ve collected a few of our favorite DIYs from around the internet and combined them with some great Zazzle products that will set the tone for your sparkly shindig. The best part? Because it’s faux-glitter, your friends won’t be covered in sparkles upon opening their invitations, dusting glitter off their plates, or picking it out of their cupcake frosting!

For a super-fun touch, ask your girlfriends to come dressed in their sparkly best; after all, who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed to the Nines?

Set the tone for your party before your guests even open their invitation!

From return address labels and custom postage to a glitter sticker seal on the back, show your ladies some love.

galentine address label

galentine glitter stamp

Mark it on your calendars, ladies!

(We customized this invitation with font: New Gothic BEC  color: b49540)

galentine invite

galentine invite back

Top your cupcakes with custom stickers + toothpicks (that won’t leave glitter in your frosting… 😉

(We customized this sticker with font: New Gothic BEC  color: b49540)

galentine sticker

Add to your décor by creating an easy, classy bunting from our custom paper roll. We typed “bunting template” into a popular search engine and had trouble choosing between the traditional triangle, flag and scalloped edge styles, but the bonus of DIY is that you can go with the style of bunting that works best with your décor! Attach the cut-outs to clear thread for a “floating” bunting or to a sparkly gold ribbon for a bolder effect.

For an even easier décor add, simply roll out the paper along the center of your table for an outstanding table runner!

galentine glitter wrapping paper bunting

These faux-glitter business cards (we love the “Ultra-Thick” style) are perfect as placecards and as food cards to go in front of each dish along your buffet. Grab your favorite marker and customize your cards!

galentine glitter place card business card

For a more formal fete, create a menu card for each guest’s place setting.

galentine glitter menu card

No party is complete without some additional DIY inspiration! Here are some of our favorites:


Bramble Workshop’s Glitter Heart

galentine bramble workshop glitter heart

Photo: Bramble Workshop


DIY Glitter Heels

Brit + Co. posted a DIY that would be such fun to do as a group!

galentine brit co glitter heels

Photo: Brit + Co.

DIY Glitter Candlesticks (you can also use the glass candle sticks from the dollar store!)

galentine okiegypsy glitter candlesticks

Photo: Okiegypsy

Photography by:, Bramble Workshop, Brit + Co., Okiegypsy

Concept & styling by: Kelli Agnich

New Postage Rates on Zazzle

January 27, 2014

The new postage rates have gone into effect!  We wanted to follow up on our last update to let you know that Zazzle now offers these new rates so your custom postage will be exactly what you need to get that letter out the door and into the hands of your loved ones (or simply the cable company if you’re paying your bills the old-fashioned way).


Most importantly, it will now set you back $0.49 to mail a first-class letter.  So make sure that your birthday cards and Valentine’s Day cards are adorned not just properly but beautifully.


You can read more about the USPS changes for a variety of offerings.  It’s time to get creative and start designing new postage right away!

Wedding Trends Part 1: Color Palettes and Paper Products

January 27, 2014

Wedding season will be here before we know it, and we’re here to help you with a style forecast of the hottest wedding trends for this year. First up, we’ll take a look at the colors brides will be clamoring for, as well as the most popular styles for all of the paper products that help pull together the perfect wedding day.

One of the most important wedding decisions that is crucial to the feel of the entire celebration is picking the wedding colors. Here are some hints to get you started on creating perfectly coordinated products in this year’s top colors:

  • Go bright and beautiful with shades of bright aqua, cool teal, or soft minty green

  • Pinks and peaches are perfect for a soft and pretty feel. Pair it with light neutrals, warm greens, or soft blues for the perfect accent.

  • Keep it classy with a simple, modern black and white motif

  • Navy blue is an ideal partner for brighter colors like pink, green or yellow. Sneak in a light gray for a broad palette with endless possibilities.

Color isn’t the only way to set the tone for the Big Day. It’s all about personal style! We’ve already seen some great designs like chevron, damask and stripes – but that’s not all. Get your creative juices flowing even more with these invitation style trends for the season:

  • There’s no school like the old school! Include vintage accents for timeless invitations.

  • For a more down-home feel, you can’t go wrong with rustic touches like burlap and lace.

  • Get glitzy with gold and glitter elements for an invitation that really shines

Invitation colors and styles are just the tip of the iceberg. We already offer some great invitation options such as rounded corners, and we’re looking to add even more fun stuff to the world of Zazzle paper products in the near future. Keep an eye out for additional paper options, and more!

Hopefully this has helped kick start your own design creativity! If you’re hungry for more, never fear. We’ll be back with Part 2 soon!

Happy kids’ Valentine’s Day! / ¡Feliz día de San Valentín, niños!

January 24, 2014

Getting valentines as a kid, from your family, friends or crushes, is the best feeling there is. It’s all love, right?

Cuando éramos niños, nos encantó recibir tarjetas y regalos de San Valentín, de nuestros amigos, familia o enamorados. Era el mejor sentimiento del mundo, este amor y afecto de nuestros queridos.

In the spirit of Dora the Explorer herself, we’re gushing to you — in English y en español — about our favorite kids’ gifts for Valentine’s Day, straight from Dora and from our other cheery friend, SpongeBob SquarePants.

Siguiendo a Dora la Exploradora, les presento (en inglés y español) nuestros regalos preferidos de San Valentín para niños, con mucho ánimo y entusiasmo. Estos regalitos vienen de Dora misma y de otro personaje muy conocido: Bob Esponja.

First, to keep your little valentine energized and refreshed, this Dora the Explorer “A Heart for You” water bottle is adorable and super durable, just like your beloved:

Primero, para que tu queridita siempre tenga energía y esté refrescada, dale esta linda cantimplora de Dora la Exploradora, que dice “Un corazón para ti” (en inglés) y que es tan amorosa como ella:

To brighten up their school days, the SpongeBob Valentine spiral notebook is like a great big hug all day, cheery and cosy and filled with love!

Para animar los días escolares, el cuaderno de San Valentín Bob Esponja está perfecto, ¡como un enorme abrazo lleno de afecto y alegría!

And to wrap their schoolwork with love, the Dora the Explorer “Best Friends” Valentine vinyl binder reminds them who cares about them, always and forever:

Y para envolver las tareas con mucho cariño, la carpeta “buenos amigos” de San Valentín, con Dora la Exploradora, les hace recordar quién les ama, ahora y para siempre:

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day full of love and hugs.
Que su día de San Valentín esté lleno de amor y cariños.

Zazzle for iPad Is Here: Guest post by Ben

January 22, 2014

The following is a message from Zazzle’s partner, the Society of Enormous Sentient Hands.

Good morning! Here at the Society of Enormous Sentient Hands we strive to make the world around us more accommodating to huge, fleshy, semi-dextrous appendages. To that end, we are delighted to announce Zazzle’s participation in the “Hands Are People Too” program, which brings several important changes to Zazzle’s platform.

(1) All products are available in increased proportions. For example, mugs will henceforth accommodate at least four gallons of liquid and be known as “muckets.”

(2) All payment to Zazzle may be made in heavy, robust currencies, such as sheep or grey whales.

(3) In order to accommodate broader, more delicate touches, Zazzle for iOS has been redesigned to additionally run on iPads and Megatrons.

(4) The Zazzle marketplace includes a number of new custom clothing lines, such as tent-sized mittens, grandfather watches, and full-bovine leather gloves.

(10) The Zazzle content moderation policy prohibits content that references Enormous Sentient Feet.

We are confident that these changes will bring Zazzle into an era where hands and people can live hand-in-hand.


Plaid: display it, wear it, treasure it

January 21, 2014

This is the story of how the pattern we know as plaid became a fashion and home decor hit. (Did we not mention it’s the accessory of the year? Now you know.)

Plaid was born in the country we now know as Scotland, around the thirteenth century. It’s some kind of mix of Celtic, Norse and French.

In Scotland, plaid is called “tartan,” but either way it means a pattern of criss-crossed squares and stripes in various colors. For most of its life, plaid was made out of wool, but nowadays there’s everything (you’ll see).

The color combinations are key, my friends, for a plaid’s design usually refers to a Scottish clan.

These clans come from the Highlands — the most stunning part of Scotland, with dramatic mountains and isles. There are now thousands of plaids listed in the Scottish Register of Tartans (see for yourself). So many, in fact, that countless groups and organizations now have their own — from Amnesty International to Scotland’s Sikh and Jewish communities to each Canadian province.

The word “tartan” probably came from French, by the way — from the word tartaine, which means “checked cloth.” (Not to be confused with tartine, which is delicious.)

You’re probably thinking, what about the kilt? Why is that a thing, and isn’t it freezing?

Actually, the wool is super warm, we’re told, and extremely water-resistant. So there. It has military roots, and used to be longer, and also comes from the Highlands.

It’s now the Scottish national dress (for men), and comes in plaid, which refers to a clan.

As for you, how can you have more plaid in your life? Lucky for you, we have oodles of ideas.

The Tartan Plaid Monogrammed Wristlet will adorn your wrist with purple, green and gold, and your initials of choice. It’s two for two:


For your precious eyes, the Bias Plaid Table Lamp in blue and brown is illuminating and calming, and as distinguished as any clan:


And the Tartan Plaid Throw Pillow will calm your weary back, wow your every guest, and let you sit back and admire the wonder of plaid:


We’re off to design our own. Later!

Valentine’s Day Trends 2014

January 20, 2014

Roses are red, violets are blue, this Valentine’s Day, we need products from you!

Need ideas for Valentine’s Day products or gifts? Take a look at the guide below for popular products and this year’s Valentine’s Day trends.

Cards & Postage

  • For Her
  • For Him
  • For Kids
  • For Family
  • Humor



Gifts Ideas

  • Necklaces
  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • Posters
  • Wristlets
  • Wrapped canvas
  • iPhone Cases
  • iPad Cases



Home Decor

  • Pillows
  • Plates
  • Mugs
  • Posters



  • Candy tins
  • Candy jars
  • Stickers



  • Arrows
  • DIY
  • Typography
  • Pastels
  • Foxes
  • Butterflies
  • Modern
  • Bold


We hope this guide is a helpful in your Valentine’s Day product creation.

Featured Designer Interview with Marceline Smith

January 17, 2014

We caught up with Zazzle designer Marceline Smith, also known as askingfortrouble, to chat about her freelance life, her “kawaii” style, and how owning her own Zazle products has helped her spread the word about her store.

Zazzle: Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from/where do you live? Any fun facts about yourself we should know?

Marceline: I’m originally from a seaside town in the North East of Scotland but I currently live in Glasgow. For a major city, it has a really friendly community spirit and it’s a creative place to be. I work from home as a freelance designer and illustrator under the name Asking For Trouble. The name pretty much sums up the way I work: I like to do things my way even if it’s not the “correct” way!



Zazzle: What is your background in art or design? When did you first start creating?

Marceline: I’ve always been creative and wanted to be an artist from a young age, that is, after I stopped wanting to be an astronaut. I studied Printmaking at art school, but ended up in a web design career. I eventually realised I needed more freedom to be creative in lots of different ways and so I left to go freelance nearly six years ago. Now I get to do all my favourite things for a living: web coding, illustration, product design and writing.



Zazzle: Where do you find your artistic inspiration?

Marceline: I’m very much influenced by Japan. I’ve visited three times and I just love the mix of kawaii (cute) characters and traditional patterns. My house is full of cute and colourful things with happy faces and it just makes me smile every day. I also love to read and travel, both of which keep me inspired with new ideas. I always hope my designs bring a little bit of happiness into someone’s day.



Zazzle: How did you hear about Zazzle?

Marceline: I found Zazzle about 5 years ago when I was frustrated by how expensive it is to have your own products manufactured. I used to make all my products by hand, but there’s a limit to what you can make yourself. Once I moved on to doing more pattern and character design, I wanted to see them on lots of different products, and Zazzle has helped me do that without having to spend a fortune.


Zazzle: What is your favorite type of Zazzle product to design?

Marceline: It’s always the newest thing! Whenever there’s a new product added, I love thinking about how my designs will work on it and trying them out. Recently, the wrist watches and lamps have been really fun to do and I’m looking forward to designing some lunch boxes next.



Zazzle: What seems to be your best-selling design or product?

Marceline: T-shirts and cards with customisable text are the most popular overall. I’ve never sold t-shirts myself so it’s great that fans of my designs and characters can buy them in so many different sizes and styles. I also love being able to refer people to Zazzle when they ask if I can do a personalised card for them. My most popular characters are Grr! Bear and Bread Slice, who was the second character I ever drew.



Zazzle: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own Zazzle store?

Marceline: Keep adding new designs and products regularly. I try to add some new things every month, so it keeps the shop fresh, and I check Zazzle often to see what products and offers are new. I write regular posts on my blog to highlight the various products I have available and to share the best offers. I also like to buy my own products and use them. It’s great advertising as people are always impressed that I designed my own laptop case, wallet and even my shoes! People can be wary of ordering things unseen so it’s great to be able to show them the quality.



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