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That’s What They Want: Holiday Gifts for Teens

November 29, 2013

Our holiday gift series continues with our favorite gifts for teens – Hardworking and hard to please, they deserve the coolest, most thoughtful presents you can find.

We all know how much teens want to be unique, but also cool. And wow, can some of them spend, whether it’s a smoothie, shades or a whole new outfit. Help them stay organized and be the envy of their crew with a Monogram Stripes Wallet, which you can customize with your choice of colors, artwork and more. They’ll have something that no one else has, but still have the dough:


For the legging-lovers in your life, get them something they definitely lack: Floral Drop Henna Leggings. With 12 colors to choose from, they’re both stylish and casual, simple and refined:


And give them a killer bag to throw their lives (and wallets) in while they’re at school, activities and out on the town. This Black and White Greek Key Messenger Bag says, “I’m sophisticated and keep it together”:


Coming next in our series, our favorite gifts for kids!

How to Contact the Zazzle PR team

November 27, 2013

Today’s blog post is a public service announcement from the PR team at Zazzle.


We love getting PR coverage here at Zazzle!  Editors, bloggers, reporters, freelancers – we know you work on deadlines, and we are here to help.  Whether you want to review a sample skateboard or get permission to use an image, you can reach us immediately and get a fast response at any time.

If you are a reporter or a member of the press, you can email us at

We will respond quickly to your PR request.  The public relations team is responsive and eager to help!

For reporters with urgent requests, we encourage you to use the PR email address in order to receive the fastest response.

Now let’s go make some headlines!

On Time, Off the Charts and On the Go: Holiday Gifts for Him

November 27, 2013

As we continue our “I can’t believe it’s already the holidays” gift series, we turn to some exciting ideas for men:


The holidays aren’t the only time for awesome songs. Reward the music buff in your life with an SLR Camera Portable MP3 Speaker that keeps the good times rolling and works with any headphones or USB cord, so he can let loose whether he’s at home or out with his buddies:



When he isn’t blaring his favorite tunes, he’s probably racing between home, work and wherever he kicks back. Help him keep it together with a Custom Sports Messenger Bag that celebrates football, with 20 colors to choose from to make a slick statement:



Equally unique, the Vintage Mustache Men’s Watch is like a year-round nod to Movember, to Ron Swanson and to the simple, classic joy of the mustache:



Coming next in the series, we pick our favorite gifts for teens.

Keep Warm, Keep Memories, Keep It Together: Holiday Gifts for Her

November 26, 2013

Is it really November already? Wasn’t it Labor Day last week? It’s time for our Holiday Gift Series, and we can’t believe the holidays are practically here!

Coming up in our series, we’ll pick some of our favorite gifts for her, him, teens, kids, pets and grandparents. Everyone covered, everyone pleased. Let’s start with her:

Now that couch season is upon us, and we just want to curl up under a thick blanket with a mug of hot cocoa, it never hurts to have a plush cushion behind our backs. We love the Create Your Own Instagram Pillow for the freedom it gives you to put all your cherished photos together, so every time she sits back and relaxes, she can enjoy reliving those memories:


Sadly, we can’t always be inside in the winter — we have to brave the cold, too. The outdoor equivalent of pillows is a scarf coddling your neck, and the White Stripes Monogram Scarf will give her just the right mix of warmth and oomph, with an added personal touch:


For a fun little gift that she can use at home or away, get her a makeup bag that’s practical and adorable. The Coral and White Zig Zag Pattern Makeup Bag is handy, pizzazzy and made in the USA:

coral_and_white_zig_zag_pattern_makeup_bagComing next in our series, we pick our favorite gifts for him.

Holiday 2013: Seller Update

November 25, 2013

We are off to the races already for the holiday season!  We have some exciting news to share with you about some recent improvements we’ve made that will help you reach more customers and increase sales.


Improvements to Stores


We’ve listened to your feedback and made a few improvements to your stores to display additional categories by default (up to 48 at a time).  In addition, we’ve also changed the settings to allow you the ability to turn off category titles.  You can also now display 4 categories across, instead of 3, if you prefer.  In addition, changes to category ordering is more reliable when you re-arrange categories on page 2 and beyond.  In addition, if you set a category cover image to blank (that is, no image), then that category will now be filtered out of the category grid. The category will still appear in the text navigation and the products will still appear in the marketplace.  To hide a category completely, you can still set the category to “hidden.” We’ve also added the option to hide the products grid.  We will continue to improve stores so you can put your best foot forward with your customers.


Reminder about royalty rates


We want to remind sellers to adjust royalty rates in order to be included in promotions.  We recommend keeping royalty rates at 10-15% in order to be featured in our various promoted opportunities.  We are excited about all of our various holiday initiatives.  In particular, check out which is a popular area for gift ideas.  For example, inclusion in that section would require royalty rates to be set at those target rates.


Sneak peek of the new App


The official iPhone app for Zazzle has launched – check it out.  This app is a new channel to promote and sell your designs to customers.  Many e-commerce companies are experiencing record traffic from all kinds of mobile devices. We are working hard to make sure you are reaching more customers where they are searching for you!  This new app will allow even more customers to find and use your templates.  In addition, we’ve created the ability to show products from your store (via deep-linking*) so you can link directly to your own products in the app.  In addition, you’ll be able to design-on-the-go with the new app.  You can save a design to “in progress designs” and then access it later from your desktop.


We are committed to the Zazzle community and continue to make improvements that benefit the entire ecosystem.   By investing in tools and technologies, we can make it easier for consumers to find and buy your beautiful designs!  Happy holidays!



*Here is more information on deep-linking.  It’s easy to set up.  Here is an example.  For this product link:

You would use the Product ID – 223271749232673578 in order to create a deep link for this product that launches the app:


DIY Holiday Series: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

November 22, 2013

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

If your mom’s 1980’s hand-knit holiday sweater isn’t available for the taking, we have just the solution! With this quick and simple tutorial from Zazzle, we’ll show you how to turn some not-so-ugly sweaters into duds that you’ll be proud to don at your next Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle


  • Zazzle Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • Fabric Glue
  • Miscellaneous embellishments for your particular sweater design. We used pom poms, glitter glue, jingle bells, and sequin. Some other ideas for embellishments include: googly eye, pipe cleaners, and confetti.

Step 0.5: *The embellishments you choose may or may not make it through a wash cycle, so be sure to wash it before decorating*

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

Step 1: Gather your sweater and add any embellishments that work with the sweater’s patterns.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

Step 2: Glue! For the Santa sweater, we added white pom pom balls to the beard and snowflake shaped sequin around as accouterments.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

To add a bit of obnoxiousness to the old-school,  green sweater we added a collar of tiny jingle bells.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

We also included gold glitter glue to the tree design and a red glittered dot for Rudolph’s nose.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

Step 3: Party! Top your outfit off with a tacky hat and some battery-powered lights. If you throw a Ugly Christmas Sweater Party this holiday season and follow these simple steps, you’re sure to be the Ugliest of the Uglies. You may even get a mistletoe kiss.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater #zazzle

Photography by: Matthew Dunn
Concept & styling by: Jenny Wagner

Zazzle Featured Designer Interview with Mark Javer

November 22, 2013

Mark Javer, the design mind behind the Zazzle store iDesignCafe, talks with us about his photography, his modern design aesthetic, and how Zazzle helped inspire him to grow his artistic skill set.

Zazzle: Tell us about yourself! Where are you from, where do you live?

Mark: I’m originally from New York, but currently live in Florida.


Zazzle: How did you get started designing with Zazzle?

Mark: Back in 2009, another Zazzle designer I knew from outside of Zazzle encouraged me to open a store here and I started out part time for about a year.


Zazzle: How did you get started making art and designing?

Mark: I’ve been doing art ever since I can remember. I started out doing pen drawings and watercolor paintings, and later on photography became a strong hobby of mine which blossomed into doing it professionally in nature and commercial product photography.  When I first opened my Zazzle store I started using my photographs on various products. As I kept going, I taught myself graphic design and how to use other programs like Photoshop to be able to diversify and create even more designs.



Zazzle: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Mark: I have always had a strong sense of modern design, even in my earliest works of art. Most of what I create is inspired by that. I also find a lot of inspiration through my own photography.



Zazzle: What is your favorite Zazzle product to design?

Mark: I would say the wall clocks. They seem to sell really well.


Zazzle: Do you have any advice for designers just starting out on Zazzle?

Mark: Don’t rely on that old expression, “if you build it, they will come”. It doesn’t actually work that way. People won’t just come and find your products, you have to learn the art of promoting and spreading the word about your art.


Zazzle: Great advice! Any hints on the best way to get the word out?

Mark: I’ve had a lot of success spreading the word among family and friends. I’m also very active in blogging and social media to help promote my store.


Zazzle: What do you like best about owning a Zazzle store?

Mark: My favorite part is the ability to create different things all the time, and the ability to express myself artistically.


Huddle Up for a College Football Roundup: Guest Post by Mike Barron

November 20, 2013

This post is brought to you by our spirited Collegiate Account Manager, Mike Barron. Enjoy! – Liz

Amazing plays, unpredictability, major upsets and nail-biting finishes: that was just last weekend in college football. The college football season never disappoints and we’re a little football crazy at Zazzle with bowl season around the corner. While there are no plans for a Zazzle Bowl, we can still reflect on an exciting season and what’s to come in December. Here are some great gift ideas for the football fan in your life.

stanford cardinal block s with tree shirt

Stanford’s Rose Bowl hopes came to a close with an upsetting loss to USC. But that’s okay, we still Fear The Tree at Zazzle. The Cardinal can still finish strong and end up in the Top 10. Show off your Stanford pride with this bold Stanford logo on a 100% organic cotton t-shirt made in the USA by American Apparel. Go Cardinal!

missouri tigers helmet computer sleeve

Forget an adjustment period! Missouri is doing just fine in its second year in the SEC. The Tigers are in the driver’s seat to win the SEC East and make a showing in the SEC Championship game. Just like football helmets protect the head, this computer sleeve will protect your laptop sporting Mizzou’s fierce helmet design.

lsu eye of the tiger gold purple luggage tag

There may not be a fan base in the country as loud as LSU’s. The Tigers won’t be heading to a BCS Bowl this year, but they control their own destiny to appear at AT&T Stadium in Dallas for the second time this season. When traveling to the bowl game, show people at the airport that you mean business with this customizable LSU luggage tag.

Behind the Scenes at Zazzle

November 19, 2013

It’s getting busy here at Zazzle headquarters, and the Zazzle elves who bring your designs to life and get them shipped safely to you are working harder than ever.

With the holidays fast approaching, our production facility in San Jose, CA is running around the clock. Here are some behind the scenes snapshots to give you an inside look. Enjoy!

Z is for zoooom! Packages on their way out the door of our manufacturing facility – straight from Zazzle to you.

zazzle shipping line

Looking good! A brand new batch of invitations coming down the line at our manufacturing facility.

Zazzle holiday invitations

When we say we can print pretty much anything, we mean it! This unique t-shirt is colorful – though somewhat droopy – proof!

Zazzle Basset Hound Collage Shirt

Freshly printed Christmas cheer from our manufacturing facility. The early birds are getting ready for the holidays already!

Zazzle Merry Christmas Cards

Boxes galore! All packed up and ready to ship out to you from our manufacturing facility.

zazzle shipping boxes

Stay tuned for more!

This little light of mine: a lampshade adventure

November 15, 2013

As the days get shorter and darker, nothing says “take that, winter” like a fabulous lamp to light up your room and banish the sad outside. Among the thousands and thousands of options are everything from animals to monograms to a totally blank slate. Let the light shine through!

Our favorite shades (when it comes to lamps) include this calming, wraparound view of Belfast, Maine, with still sailboats and a tranquil ocean harbor:

For those with artsier taste, this Oriental design of a plum blossom in spring is a nod to paintings from an earlier era — elegant, simple and always stately:

And our favorite might be the Create Your Own Custom lamp, a choose-your-own adventure in style. Start with a blank lampshade, add the artwork, photography or graphic of your choice, choose your trim and base and make it totally yours:

We hope these shades help light up your winter. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine …

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