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Summer Love – Plan Your Wedding

July 5, 2013

From start to finish, planning a wedding is an adventure. A busy and exciting time. So many details and preparation to make the day perfect. For many, a summertime wedding is the ideal celebration. Warm weather, bright sun…all adding to the beauty and bliss of the day.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times, but we are here to help. Get the ball rolling by announcing the big day, your way.

Watercolor Save the Date Personalized Invite
Watercolor Save the Date Personalized Invite by origamiprints

The smell of the ocean air is undeniably magical. And so is your day. If it’s a beach wedding you’ve been dreaming of, you can’t go wrong with this save-the-date postage.

Beach Wedding - Save The Date Postage
Beach Wedding – Save The Date Postage by itsjensworld

Not big on the idea of sand being a guest at your wedding? How about trees? Lots of them. A campground wedding might be just your thing.

Campground Map Camping Wedding Invite
Campground Map Camping Wedding Invite by ThePaperMill

When it’s all said and done, let the honeymoon phase begin. Whisk your little lovebird-selves away on a dream destination. And while all you need is each other to be happy, luggage equipped with the perfect tags won’t hurt.

Here comes the sun…here comes the bride…here comes your summertime wedding.

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2013

America the Beautiful…America the Brave…God Bless America. These words resonate deeply within the minds and hearts of Americans, especially on the 4th of July.

We take a moment to pause and reflect on our freedom. And then we celebrate! Fireworks, festivals, barbecues…the sights, sounds, and smells of the day are what we look forward to every year. Right in the heart of summer, the mood and spirit cannot be beat.

Planning a 4th of July get-together? Invite a few pals or the entire neighborhood over. Set the tone with the right plates for the good eats.

USA 4th of July Symbols Dinner Plate
USA 4th of July Symbols Dinner Plate by redwhiteandblue

Make the festive mood stick…with stickers. Simple fun for kids and adults alike. Use them on your party flyers or just stick ‘em anywhere.

Mustache Monocle 4th of July Party Stickers
Mustache Monocle 4th of July Party Stickers by youreinvited

Today’s the day to show your pride and patriotism. The number one way to do it is to sport a comfy tee, foam-finger style.

USA Numero Uno T-shirt
USA Numero Uno T-shirt by USsupply

And why stop with a shirt? Add a little red-white-and-blue flair to your holiday attire. Wear the flag proudly.

Boom! Crack! Boom! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks tonight.

Welcome to a Redesigned Zazzle!

July 2, 2013

Make no mistake about it; we at Zazzle are all about creativity and customer satisfaction. To keep things exciting and innovative, we have recently made some changes that you are sure to love. Jeff Beaver, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, took the time to talk to us about the new redesign.

If you’re just now coming back to Zazzle, things are probably looking a wee bit different. Yep, it’s true… we just changed everything! Over the last year, we’ve reimagined, redesigned and rewritten almost every part of the Zazzle website to create an experience that is both visually stunning and easier to use. We’re super proud of it and hope you’ll share in our excitement for this upgrade, and much more to come.

A primary guiding principle of this effort has been minimalist design – we’ve stripped away any and all superfluous interface elements, so that the content itself rises to the foreground as the “star of the show.” Now when browsing the site, it’s often breathtaking how much more the products from our sellers and partners truly shine. Our renewed focus on beautiful, in situ photography also reinforces the spectacular potential of the finished products on Zazzle, which can get lost when just browsing thumbnails.

We’ve also made a total commitment to mobile. From the beginning of this design process, mobile has been front-and-center, as our traffic growth across mobile devices is on fire with triple-digit increases over last year. Every single page on the Zazzle site is now completely responsive, meaning that it transforms relative to the browser size… try shrinking and expanding your browser when you surf the site to check it out. Or, even better, just fire up the site on your mobile device! Pretty cool, eh?

There’s a lot more to talk about, so instead of rambling on here, we’ve made a special page dedicated to this redesign for the especially curious out there (kudos if you make it all the way to the bottom!):

From all of us here at Zazzle, we really hope you dig the new site. This launch marks the beginning of a sequence of exciting updates that will dramatically enhance the future of Zazzle for all of our customers, designers and partners… so stay tuned!

Celebrating the 100th Le Tour de France

July 1, 2013

Ready or not, here they come! Adorning the lovely French countryside and majestic hills, all vying for the coveted yellow jersey. Endurance at its peak, sportsmanship at its finest.

The annual, highly anticipated Le Tour de France is in full swing. And it’s not your typical Le Tour de France…it’s the 100th Le Tour de France. All the more reason to celebrate and enjoy the ride.

It’s no secret that riding a bike is an environmentally friendly way to get where you need to go. A weapon of gas reduction some might say. Say it yourself when carrying your phone.

Bicycle custom color iPhone case iPhone 5 Cases
Bicycle custom color iPhone case iPhone 5 Cases by PizzaRiia

En route somewhere with favorite possessions in tow? What better way to carry them in this vivid, lively cyclist pattern messenger bag. Keep them safe and sound on whatever length trip you are taking.

Fun Bike Route Fixie Bike Cyclist Pattern Courier BagFun Bike Route Fixie Bike Cyclist Pattern Courier Bag by azlaird

As the epic journey through France continues, be sure to show the love. And why not do the same for your own bike? Straight from the heart, right on your head.

What else can we say? We like to keep those wheels turning….

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