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The Wolverine

July 31, 2013

Summer isn’t just about soaking up the sun. It’s about cooling off in an air-conditioned theater. Enter the summer blockbusters. The Wolverine just jumped on to the scene…and if you’re a fan we’ve got just the stuff for you to sink your claws into….SNIKT!

Let’s start with something to wear. Get into character and unleash the beast inside of you:

X-MEN Wolverine 90s Tee Shirt
X-MEN Wolverine 90s Tee Shirt by wolverine

Why stop with the clothes? Adorn your wall with a print that reveals this brooding hero’s strength and power:

Wolverine 5 print
Wolverine 5 print by marvelextreme

Our Rickshaw sleeves behave like superheroes. The ultimate in strength and protection for your digital device:

Wolverine Attack 4 Sleeves For MacBook Air
Wolverine Attack 4 Sleeves For MacBook Air by wolverine

We’ve got all things Wolverine, bub…come check us out!

Time to Head Back

July 30, 2013

Fun in the sun might still be going strong, but we’ve got other plans.

It’s that time of year again. The kids will be heading back to school before you know it. You can’t help but notice… store shelves that were once stocked full of summer gear are now full of school supplies. Kick off the school year right with some Zazzle merch that is too cool for school.

She blinded me with science…ok, maybe taking notes during a science lecture isn’t always that fun. But the notebook can be a different story:

Science Atom Spiral Notebooks
Science Atom Spiral Notebooks by GoodToGoTees

Assignments, handouts, tests…it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of papers. Students can stay super organized this year with a binder that shows some character:

Superman Binders
Superman Binders by Superman

During the chilly fall and winter season, students need to stay warm and cozy. A fun hoodie always does the trick:

Monsters University Blue Logo Hooded Pullover
Monsters University Blue Logo Hooded Pullover by disney

Shop Zazzle’s back-to-school gear, and get a smart start this school year!

Now Delivering: The Saturday Evening Post

July 18, 2013

We at Zazzle are thrilled to be partnering with legendary publication The Saturday Evening Post. Its legacy began in 1728, thriving and growing through the creativity and innovation of its contributors. The Saturday Evening Post store’s iconic artwork, including that of Norman Rockwell, is ready to be customized on everything from mugs to bags to greeting cards and more.

The mix of historic content and rich illustrations fuels the uniqueness of this publication and makes it an ideal partnership for us. Look for the many images that have struck a chord in our hearts to be featured on Zazzle products. They will be available for purchase with a few simple clicks.

100th Anniversary of Baseball Journals
100th Anniversary of Baseball Journals by PostSports

Money On Her Mind Messenger Bags
Money On Her Mind Messenger Bags by PostFashion

Sledding and Digging Out Coffee Mug
Sledding and Digging Out Coffee Mug by PostHoliday

We are excited to welcome The Saturday Evening Post into our world, and we invite you to check out what this launch has to offer!

Comic-Con 2013 – Super Gifts to the Rescue

July 18, 2013

Get ready, San Diego, Comic-Con International 2013 starts today with a vengeance! All of the costumes, mega fans, and superheroes unite for this ultimate media convention. With so much awesome to take in, Zazzle offers a super-duper amount of fan content, perfect for the weekend event.

Firstly, any con-goer knows they’ve got to keep hydrated between all of the panels and screenings. Here are some water bottles that will make all the fanboys and girls jealous!

Continue to show off your fandom with these cool iPhone 5 Cases.

And to remember the epic weekend, display an assortment of awesome posters.

Here’s to Comic-Con 2013 everybody!

Work Hard, Play Hard – SVSL Championship and Tech Carnival at Candlestick Park

July 17, 2013

The folks who work here in Silicon Valley believe in working their butts off, but not forgoing playtime. We at Zazzle are proud participants, competing alongside other great teams from companies such as Yahoo and Tango, in the Silicon Valley Sports League Championship.

The grand event is being held today at Candlestick Park. The SVSL games, which include ultimate frisbee and flag football, have brought the spirit of competition to its fullest. They have also brought together what could be future business partners. While it is indeed fun and games, it is also a networking opportunity. Everyone wins.

The fun culminates with the Tech Carnival. We are sponsoring the dart booth. The carnival will offer plenty of excitement, including games and rides, prizes, live bands, food and BYOB. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Oh, and one more very important thing…SVSL has a Zazzle store! Check out the hats, shirts, stickers, and more. What better way to embrace the spirit of play than with some cool merchandise from the official SVSL Zazzle store?


Read more about this event in an article by the San Jose Mercury News.

Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 13, 2013

There are so many different kinds of geek; the math geek, the comic book geek, the bookworm, the brown-noser. They’re all brilliant kids who eventually grow up to become adults that rule the world – as the ultimate revenge, of course.

If you’re someone I just described, then CELEBRATE because today is your day! Embrace Your Geekness Day is upon us and what a better way to brandish your quirks than with the perfect accessory that says: “I’m as awesome as a prime number, and if you disagree, you’re a fraction of a human being.”

So spend today gifting geek-centric products to yourself and to your geek posse, starting with the cleverer-than-thou “Classically Trained” T-Shirt:

And in a nod to the reality that phones are the new calculator – unless you’re a super geek and only calculate with your mind – sport a customized Vintage Calculator on your iPhone 5:

LOTR geek? Keep a map handy that displays your favorite travel destinations, like Doriath and Fangorn. The (Middle) Earth is your oyster, with this meticulous Middle Earth Poster:

If these types of geek don’t speak to your kind of geek, check out the rest of the geek gifts featured on Zazzle. We have something for everybody.

Live long and prosper fellow fanboys and girls! Until next year!

It’s National Ice Cream Month!

July 12, 2013

I scream, you scream, we all scream…and you know the rest! July is National Ice Cream Month. Seriously, could we ask for a better month? Heating up in the sun means cooling down with ice cream. Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate chip, or maple-bacon (mmm…bacon), celebrate your favorite flavor all month long.

If you are one to dabble in many flavors, you can officially call yourself an ice cream taste tester. Wear that title proudly:

Taste Tester: Berry T-Shirt
Taste Tester: Berry T-Shirt by GrafixFunkFactory

Maybe you are an ice cream sandwich kind of person. Tempt yourself with this yummy looking phone case:

Ice Cream Sammich iPhone 4 Case-Mate Case
Ice Cream Sammich iPhone 4 Case-Mate Case by JerryLambert

We don’t think there is such a thing as too much ice cream. If you don’t either, a little wall decorating might be in order:

Ice Cream & Frozen Treats Print
Ice Cream & Frozen Treats Print by IckleCritters

All work and no play calls for an ice cream break. But if you can’t tear yourself away from the computer just yet, remind yourself with this mouthwatering mousepad:

Ice Cream Mousepad
Ice Cream Mousepad by nyxxie

Ready to indulge in the ultimate frozen treat? Sweeeeet!

All Things Nautical

July 11, 2013

Sailing…takes me away to where I’m going…

Ocean wind, salty air, sunny skies. Whether it’s for real or in your imagination, let the beauty of nautical design inspire you.

Got a beach house? Lucky you. Just a regular house? That’s good too. Give it a pleasant seaside vibe with some unique décor. May we suggest this gingham pillow, especially if you are feeling a little “crabby”:

Blue Gingham & Crab Monogram Pillow
Blue Gingham & Crab Monogram Pillow by JillsPaperie

Time for work, time for play, time to sail and get away. There’s a perfect time for everything. Let the vintage compass rose wall clock be your guide:

Vintage Compass Rose Wall Clock
Vintage Compass Rose Wall Clock by JoyMerrymanStore

Wherever you venture, don’t forget your phone in its vintage wood-design case:

Vintage Nautical Anchor White on Brown Wood Grain iPhone 5 Covers
Vintage Nautical Anchor White on Brown Wood Grain iPhone 5 Covers by railtonroad

Sometimes you need to get away from it all. Or most of it all. If you need to take your iPad with you on your next vacation, why not dress it up a little?:

Nautical retro sailor girly pattern with anchors iPad cover
Nautical retro sailor girly pattern with anchors iPad cover by GraphicMarket

Let the whimsy of nautical design take you away to where you want to be!

Bigstock Images – Now on Zazzle!

July 10, 2013

We at Zazzle are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Bigstock, a leading stock image source for quality illustrations and photographs. The Bigstock store will include lush artwork, trendy designs, and rich photography that span from stationary to bags to postage to skateboards… really, skateboards!

With this new partnership, our team has hand-selected a collection of Bigstock images to be featured on Zazzle products, available for purchase with a few quick clicks. We have had so much fun discovering stunning designs from Bigstock’s marketplace, and today’s launch represents just a piece of what’s to come in our quest to build out the broadest offering that Zazzle has launched to date.

funky seamless pattern iPhone 5 covers
funky seamless pattern iPhone 5 covers by boutiquey

fun cartoon pattern pillow
fun cartoon pattern pillow by cuteoverload

Polar Bear With Her Cubs Filtered Pink Arctic Espresso Mug
Polar Bear With Her Cubs Filtered Pink Arctic Espresso Mug by wildlifecollection

We hope you find the perfect gift! Be sure to visit often, as this collection represents the tip of the iceberg with this fantastic partnership. Happy shopping!

Summertime, Summertime

July 9, 2013

It’s summertime summertime sum sum summertime….

Summer continues to blaze right along. Fun in the sun is going strong, and so is fun in the water. For those who spend their summers in the water more than they do out, may we suggest this…to wear on those rare occasions they are on land:

(I'm Actually A Mermaid.) Buttons
(I’m Actually A Mermaid.) Buttons by SassTastic

Whether you are a mermaid, beach bum, or somewhere in between, you need a bag to bring on all your beach outings. How about a little retro beach beauty?:

Retro 1950s Beach Beauty Courier Bag
Retro 1950s Beach Beauty Courier Bag by grnidlady

What time is it? Why, it’s time for ice cream! There’s nothing like a scoop or two of your favorite flavor on a scorching hot day. We’ve got just the clock to remind you:

After a long, exhausting day, open the window and let the summer breeze cool you off. Close your eyes, unwind, rest your weary head on this nautical pillow:
It’s time to live and have some thrills…it’s summertime!

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