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Happy Camera Day!

June 29, 2013

Happy Camera Day! Like we need an excuse to get shutter-happy or try a new Instagram filter. But if you do, today’s your day. We remember some things in our minds, but it’s not the same as a photo.

Among the greats, we have to salute Ansel Adams, whose majestic shots of nature uplift you and make you pause. “The Tetons and the Snake River,” from Wyoming, combines awesome bright and haunting dark, swirling water and jagged peaks:

Ansel Adams, The Tetons - Snake River Posters
Ansel Adams, The Tetons – Snake River Posters by lifestore

Celebrating humanity, and human landmarks, the mysterious “Silhouetted woman, Paris standing in Trocadero” makes you wonder about the shadowed woman, what she’s thinking, and where she’s stepping next (toward the Eiffel Tower, we hope?):

Silhouetted woman, Paris standing in trocadero Poster
Silhouetted woman, Paris standing in trocadero Poster by corbisimages

Don’t worry: we know photos also come in color – including yours. Brandish your best shots (and artwork and text) with the customized Twelve-Photo Instagram iPad Mini covers – available in black or white trim, with matte or glossy finish:

Twelve Photo Instagram, White iPad Mini Covers
Twelve Photo Instagram, White iPad Mini Covers by Antepara

Birthday Theme Series: Tiara, Slippers and All

June 25, 2013

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most girls would ecstatically be a princess, at least for a single day. Probably on her birthday. Probably when she’s a child (though not necessarily).

Inviting your daughter’s friends to a princess birthday party may be the easiest thing you ever do as a parent. Pink? Tiaras? Wands? Just tell them when.

You may never need to see pink for the rest of your life afterward, but if you’re going to go princess, do it right. Personalize the lovely Princess Party Photo invitation with your most regal-looking shot of Princess Birthday Girl:

Princess Party Photo Birthday Invitation
Princess Party Photo Birthday Invitation by berryberrysweet

Lavish Her Royal Highness and honored guests with fairy cake, cupcakes, birthday cake — her festive sweets of choice — served specially on a Princess Tiara plate:

Princess Tiara Plate (pink background)
Princess Tiara Plate (pink background) by DryGoods

And if our princess is turning three, might we suggest this extra-special version:

Tiara Princess 3rd Birthday Party Plate
Tiara Princess 3rd Birthday Party Plate by pinkinkart 

Silver spoon and platter not included.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a real regal bash without decorations, now, would it? Customize this Princess Print with our special guest’s given name (including title):

Custom Princess Print
Custom Princess Print by PawsitiveDesigns

And leave the rest to her cadre of mice.

First Day of Summer: Best and Brightest Sun Gear

June 21, 2013

Hot sun, calm waves, soft sand, sleeping in: how do we live without summer for nine months? At the beach, in the city, camping, cruising – it’s all better in the blazing sun. And once you’re suited up right, it’s a breeze.

Summer equals thirst and it also equals popsicles, both of which are brightly combined in the Yum! Popsicle water bottle:

Yum! Popsicle Water Bottle
Yum! Popsicle Water Bottle by ridgerooms

The Island Summer Vacation courier bag, starring everyone’s favorite beach companion – the Labrador, of course:

Island Summer Vacation Labradors Courier Bag
Island Summer Vacation Labradors Courier Bag by HappyLabradors

And to cover up, only slightly, while walking and snacking and napping behind your shades:

Flip-Flop Chart Tshirts
Flip-Flop Chart Tshirts by 5fingerdiscount

Kick off those flip-flops, sink your feet into sand, ease onto a sun lounger and close those bleary eyes. Heaven.

Birthday Theme Series: Send in the Clowns

June 18, 2013

Juggling, unicycles, tightrope, trapeze: who doesn’t love a circus? (Especially Cirque du Soleil.) It’s one of the highlights of childhood, and of parenthood, and it screams “Celebration!” more than almost anything else.

If you’re taking your little birthday girl or boy to the circus, or treating them and their friends to a carnivalesque bash, what better way to set the stage than with some quality theme gear?

Start it off right with the Circus Birthday Party invitation, full of merriment and fun:

Circus Birthday Party Invitation
Circus Birthday Party Invitation by eventfulcards

Serve the special cake and snacking goodies on our Happy Birthday plates — with both a circus tent and multi-colored balloons (hello!):

Happy birthday plates
Happy birthday plates by igorsin

And to add an extra something to the top of the birthday cake — just like the last acrobat who completes the human pyramid — brandish your guest of honor’s name on the personalized Circus Tent & Elephant cake topper:

Circus Tent & Elephant Kids Birthday Cake Topper
Circus Tent & Elephant Kids Birthday Cake Topper by kat_parrella

Bring on the tumbling, the juggling balls, the clowns. When’s the next show?

Summer Trends — Round-Up

June 17, 2013

Hot town, summer in the city. Back of your neck getting dirty and gritty.

That means re-hydration time, and that means nothing’s better than a Happy Sun water bottle on hand all day for easy swigging:

Cute Happy Sun Drinking Bottles
Cute Happy Sun Drinking Bottles by kawaiisquared

All around, people looking half dead. Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head. Who needs that, man – get some cool shade under the brim of a Good Times, Tan Lines trucker hat:

Good Times Tan Lines Summer hat girls
Good Times Tan Lines Summer hat girls by seasidepapercompany

Cool town, evening in the city, dressing so fine and looking so pretty. Now we’re talking. And nothing says sun times like a barbecue searing with steak, ribs, corn on the cob and wings. Keep your suit and bronzed skin spiffy and clean, so you’re ready to keep partying, with the I Love Chicken Wings apron:

I Love Chicken Wings Aprons
I Love Chicken Wings Aprons by Calestar

Come on, come on and dance all night – despite the heat it’ll be alright.

Superhero Party Series: Super Gifts That Make the Kids at Heart Go POW!

June 14, 2013

Superheroes never grow older, so why should we stop liking them just because we “grow up”? We still have birthdays every single year and some theme needs to fill them. And as long as people keep making adult-sized clothing with superheroes on it, we will definitely keep wearing it and keep looking for more.

Without further adieu, we reach the summit of our Superhero Party series with our favorite gifts for the seasoned followers — the veteran loyalists who may have aged but have never diminished in verve. With even more options available than there are superheroes, we can help you make the day of any devotee.

For the superhero-loving dude, suit him up in a slick Batman or Superman T-shirt:

Batman Design 1 Tshirts
Batman Design 1 Tshirts by batman
Superman with cityscape tshirt
Superman with cityscape tshirt by Superman

The Supergirl (or woman) in your life will love refueling anytime, anywhere with the Supergirl Right Hook Reusable Water Bottle:

Supergirl Right Hook Reusable Water Bottles
Supergirl Right Hook Reusable Water Bottles by dccomics

And make anyone’s day way more super with a Justice League iPhone 5 Case that follows them wherever they go — which is exactly what you’d want the most amazing group of people ever conceived to do:

The New 52 - Justice League #1 iPhone 5 Case
The New 52 – Justice League #1 iPhone 5 Case by dccomics

All we can say is: POW! ZAP! BOOM! (And, you’re welcome.)

Birthday Theme Series: Your Very Own Jungle Safari

June 11, 2013

There’s nothing more exciting than a jungle adventure, spotting wild beasts from behind binoculars as you bump along in a Jeep (or so we imagine). The beauty of a themed birthday is that it can be whatever you want, however you want.

As we continue our Birthday Theme Series, we turn to all those tiny safari-lovers who’d love nothing more than an animal-filled bash. To kickstart your homemade safari, send all the friends an invitation they can’t refuse — like the Wild Thing Birthday postcard:

Wild Thing - Card - Birthday Invite Postcards
Wild Thing – Card – Birthday Invite Postcards by AdoptTees

Or, in a super close second, the adorable Safari invitation:

Safari Invitation / Jungle Invitation / Zoo Invite
Safari Invitation / Jungle Invitation / Zoo Invite by LittleApplesDesign

And if your most honored safari adventurer is celebrating his or her very first year, deck them out in a Jungle Safari t-shirt filled with their favorite animals. Who can say no to a zebra, giraffe, and lion?

Jungle Safari 1st Birthday T-shirt
Jungle Safari 1st Birthday T-shirt by pinkthecatdesign

This party makes us say, “Roar!” And coming up next in our series, we go to the circus.

You’re Invited: Bride, Groom, Beautiful Destination

June 11, 2013

Wedding season came in with the sun and is here for a good few more months. And in-between flying and driving to all those nuptials, you may need to start planning your own! Or at least get the date saved so that everyone you care about can come to your specially picked destination.

Is there a better way to say “Save the Date” than with a turquoise sea background? One look at the Watercolor Ombre Save the Date invitation, and we’d RSVP yes for the waves alone (the champagne won’t hurt, either):

Watercolor Ombre Save the Date Invitation
Watercolor Ombre Save the Date Invitation by origamiprints

It’s all in the details, as we know well from destination and indoor weddings. You need everything from the garter and boutonniere to the bridal bouquet and (ideally) the ring. You’ll also need the postage to get your “Save the Date”s sent — and you can coordinate perfectly with the adorable To Have & Hold stamp:

To Have & To Hold Postage Stamp
To Have & To Hold Postage Stamp by hallmarkwedding

Follow up with the official invitation to your chosen exotic locale, and you’ll be set (mail-wise). The Vintage Tandem Bicycle invitation is whimsical, light and subdued — like a beach vacation should be:

Vintage Tandem Bicycle Wedding Announcement
Vintage Tandem Bicycle Wedding Announcement by ThePaperMill

Mmm: we’re ready for the sand and sun. Can we get an invite, too?

Not Just on a Boat: The Lonely Island Now on Zazzle

June 11, 2013

The Lonely Island boys (Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg) have made quite a name for themselves rapping and singing with artists like Akon and Michael Bolton, and turning innocent subjects like boxes, boats and being “a boss” into viral video gold. After moving on from SNL, the group has found success with albums Incredibad (2009) and Turtleneck & Chain (2011), with songs like “I Just Had Sex” and “Jack Sparrow” holding a permanent place in audiences’ collective YouTube consciousnesses.

The Lonely Island’s latest new album, “The Wack Album,” is out today, we’re excited to announce that You Outta Look Out…for our new The Lonely Island store, now on Zazzle. We’ve got some great Lonely Island designs on American Apparel gear of all sizes and customizable designs for keychains, iPhone cases, water bottles and more.

For those of you who didn’t catch Adam Sandberg on LIVE with Kelly and Michael this morning, he was repping this Zazzle t-shirt:

YOLO w/ Red Caution T Shirts
YOLO w/ Red Caution T Shirts by TheLonelyIsland

and these trucker hats:

YOLO Roll Solo Filled Mesh Hats
YOLO Roll Solo Filled Mesh Hats by TheLonelyIsland

Head on over to the new store! YOLO.

And if you love The Lonely Island videos, we have the swag:

Like a Boss video:

Corporate Boss Mesh Hat
Corporate Boss Mesh Hat by TheLonelyIsland

I’m on a Boat video:

I'm on a Boat Coffee Mugs
I’m on a Boat Coffee Mugs by TheLonelyIsland

YOLO video:

YOLO Roll Solo Filled Wall Clocks
YOLO Roll Solo Filled Wall Clocks by TheLonelyIsland  
Boombox video:
Boombox Is Not a Toy Pendant
Boombox Is Not a Toy Pendant by TheLonelyIsland

DIY Birthday Series: Postcard Bunting

June 10, 2013


For this DIY Series, we’ll teach you how to use products from our site to add the perfect, personalized touch to a birthday. 

First, using postcards to make birthday bunting. 

Bunting’s all the rage and you don’t need a lot of resources to pull it off in time for a birthday bash. “Bunting,” for those unfamiliar with the term, is usually a decoration with a number of flags sewn to rope webbing.

With the proper postcards from Zazzle, you can easily spell out a special birthday phrase, name or message.



  1. Postcard bunting
  2. Twine or string of choice
  3. Mini-clothespins
  4. Scissors


Step 1: After receiving your personalized bunting postcards, cut each postcard according to the decorative edge of the template.

Step 2: String an appropriate number of mini-clothes pins to match the number of cards.

Step 3: Attach postcards to clothespin.

Step 4: Spread the cards evenly on the twine (feel free to add a knot after each clothespin to secure the card’s placement).

Step 5: Cut the twine at the desired length and display on a wall in the center of your party.

You’re done!

In our next DIY Birthday Series, we’ll show you how to make cupcake wrappers with flyers.

Photography & Collage by: Aaron Calestar 
Concept & styling by: Jenny Wagner and Nicole Pittman
Postcard design by: kat_parrella


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