Father’s Day Series: Top Gifts for Grandpa


There’s something about grandparents that’s so much easier and calmer (sometimes) than being with parents. Grandparents can swoop in and spoil you, and leave the tough stuff to Mom and Dad (the changing, disciplining, overall child-rearing). You have two generations of distance (and, some would say, a common enemy!).

As part of our Father’s Day series, we wanted to include a salute to all grandfathers, who can act as second fathers or the best of friends. Doting, devoted, seasoned, sarcastic: they’ve seen it all, and have the best stories and advice (or, perhaps, dated advice that’s still entertaining and unforgettable).

We sometimes associate grandfathers with free time (assuming they’re retired), and therefore a lot of coffee. We all know how much they can like their chair, their paper, their mug, so why not give him another one that’s unquestionably his — that he can add to “my collection”? With the “We Love Grandpa” Mug, you can add your favorite photo and a special saying — an inside joke or sentiment of love:

Father's Day "We Love Grandpa" Mug with Photo
Father’s Day “We Love Grandpa” Mug with Photo by red_dress

Has anyone else’s grandfather grown slightly forgetful? Odds are, he could definitely use something to help him keep track of things and make life easier — like the “Best Grandpa Ever” Father’s Day Keychain, which you can personalize with all of his grandkids’ names:

Best Freakin Grandpa Ever Keychain
Best Freakin Grandpa Ever Keychain by CelebrationZazzle

For the cinephile or wise-guy grandpa, our “The Grandfather” Trucker Hat is a seriously funny nod to a classic that, odds are, he reveres as the pinnacle of movies:

The Grandfather Trucker Hats
The Grandfather Trucker Hats by babyfactory

Coming up next, we end our Father’s Day series with a round-up of our favorite gifts to make your father’s day.

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