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Superhero Party Series: Super Girl Birthdays to the Rescue!

May 30, 2013

Superhero birthday parties are a standout part of childhood, along with any visit to a waterpark, foods on sticks, and napping (actually, that still sounds like the perfect day). Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may be the superheroes of the year for grownup girls, but until the age of majority (give or take a few years), it’s Batgirl and Wonderwoman who reign — with honorable mention going to the Pink Power Ranger.

To kick our Superhero Party Series into high gear, we’re pumped to start off with birthday gift ideas for the supergirl (which, really, is every girl). And if there’s one day to remind your daughter, sister, cousin or friend how incredible she is, it’s on her birthday. To get the party started, invite her friends in style with the Superhero Birthday Party Photocard, starring her as the guest of honor:

Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Card Personalized Announcement
Comic Book Superhero Birthday Party Photo Card Personalized Announcement by McBooboo

At the party and beyond, she’ll definitely need the right gear. Get something kicking for her to wear with pride, like a Batgirl or Spiderman T-shirt:

Chibi Batgirl Tshirts
Chibi Batgirl Tshirts by JusticeLeague
Spider-Man Leap - Color Tshirts
Spider-Man Leap – Color Tshirts by spiderman

And pump up your party walls with a supercharged Super Best Friends Poster:

Super Best Friends Forever - Group Poster
Super Best Friends Forever – Group Poster by dccomics

Awesome gifts to the rescue! Coming up next in our series, the most action-packed presents for the superhero-loving boy.

Special bonus: Fans of DC Comics should check out our Batman store for 15% off all Batman merchandise today. Use code 15OFFBATGIFT.

DIY Baby Shower Series: Baby Bodysuit Cupcakes

May 26, 2013


Fans of unique presents for baby showers know that diaper “cakes” — rolled up diapers made to look like tiers on a cake — were extremely popular last year. Why limit yourself to one cake when you can make a few “mini-cupcakes” with our adorable baby bodysuits? They’re easier to pass out and hold more variety for the mom-to-be.



1. Baby bodysuits

2. Jumbo cupcake wrappers

3. 1 yard of 1.5 inch ribbon (1 foot per “cupcake”)

4. Red pom-poms

5. Double-sided tape


Step 1: Fold the baby bodysuit in half, length-wise. Then, fold in the sleeves, followed by folding the suit in half again (lengthwise).

Step 2: Once the bodysuit is in a long strip, start at one end and roll the baby bodysuit until it’s a tight spiral. Attach double-sided tape to secure the spiral (or “onesie cupcake”).

Step 3: Take a piece of ribbon and attach it to the double-sided tape. Wrap around the “cupcake” completely. Take one more piece of double-sided tape to secure the cupcake and ribbon together.

Step 4: Take a red pom-pom and stick it on top of the cupcake (like a cherry!). This will also add a nice pop of color.

You’re done!

Check out some other ideas for a great baby shower gift:


1. Little Princess Custom Baby Pacifier

2. I Love You to the Moon and Back Throw Pillows

3. Bun in the Oven Tee Shirt

4. Earthy Quatrefoil Courier Bag 

5. Little Man Mustache Custom Baby Pacifier

Photography & Collage by: Aaron Calestar and Nicole Pittman

Concept & styling by: Jenny Wagner

T-shirt designs by: geek_supply_shop, looneytunes, lizphoenix 

Top Products for a Perfect Summer Getaway

May 22, 2013

It’s not yet June — but we’re already summer dreamin’. Whether it’s a summer trip to Bali or a spontaneous road trip with your friends, there’s something about the season and the sunshine that makes us want to set off in search of the nearest summer adventure.

Here are some of our top products for your perfect summer getaway:

No one will ever mistake your luggage for theirs with this tag:

Not Your Bag Luggage Tags
Not Your Bag Luggage Tags by J32Teez

And stand out in the luggage carousel with this tag — perfect for the world traveler:

Mail Stamps Luggage Tag TBA 7/28/2012
Mail Stamps Luggage Tag TBA 7/28/2012 by kamizzz

Immortalized in American pop culture (and now on this nifty water bottle) — this Route 66 bottle will quench your thirst on the longest of the roadtrips:

Route 66 Custom Water Bottle (Choose Size, Color)
Route 66 Custom Water Bottle (Choose Size, Color) by Regella

This summer, nautical theme and stripes are in. Why not combine both?

Monogram with Stripes Wristlet
Monogram with Stripes Wristlet by DesignL

Celebrating Baby with Hallmark and Zazzle

May 21, 2013

In our last post, we showed you Hallmark’s wide selection of designs for weddings, available on our site. Hallmark has you covered with the perfect design for every life moment — including everything baby, from the baby shower to birth.

Here are some of our favorites:

Let the world know about your bundle of joy with this custom postage:

Modern Multi-Photo Postage
Modern Multi-Photo Postage by hallmarkbaby

And this matching invite:

Modern Multi-Photo Custom Invitation
Modern Multi-Photo Custom Invitation by hallmarkbaby

All-stars are born, not always made — and tell the world with this personalized invite:

Little All-Star Personalized Invite
Little All-Star Personalized Invite by hallmarkbaby

Got a new little man in the house? This announcement template is perfect:

Little Man Personalized Announcements
Little Man Personalized Announcements by hallmarkbaby

This invite, complete with whimsical woodland creatures, is a great choice for a baby shower:

Whimsical Woodland Personalized Invites
Whimsical Woodland Personalized Invites by hallmarkbaby

Love quilting? Show off your love of stitching with this invite:

Quilted Baby Lettering Invite
Quilted Baby Lettering Invite by hallmarkbaby

And don’t forget about our other Hallmark products:

Welcome Baby Animals Bag:

Welcome Baby Animals Bag
Welcome Baby Animals Bag by hallmarkbaby

Noah’s Ark Pacifier:

Noah's Ark Pacifier
Noah’s Ark Pacifier by hallmarkbaby

Sweet Baby Round Posters:

Sweet Baby Round Posters
Sweet Baby Round Posters by hallmarkbaby

DIY Baby Shower Series: Flyer Candy Bar Wrappers

May 19, 2013


In our second DIY Baby Shower Series, we’ll cover how to add an extra touch to a baby shower favor by making a personalized wrapped candy bar wrapper.

Everyone loves chocolate, so send your guests off with something that’s thoughtful and extra sweet.



  1. Baby shower candy flyers
  2. Scissors
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. 1.55 oz candy bars

When choosing your design, feel free to play around with the text in the nutritional facts. Add personality and humor to the favor, while tying the theme to your shower.


Step 1: Purchase your flyer with your personalized text and image. Note flyers come in a pack of 25, so you’ll need to adjust the amount to your party size.

Step 2: Cut along the lines of the wrapper until you have the amount you’ll need for all of your guests.

Step 3: Center the main image of your flyer to the top of the candy bar. Once centered, flip the candy bar over and fold the small side of the flyer to the back, making a crease. Then, take about an inch of double-sided tape and apply to the back of the wrapper.

Step 4: Fold the longer side over and press to seal. You’re done!

Check out some more fun favors and games for baby showers:


1. Mommy Advice Business Cards

2. Baby Shower Bingo Invites

3. Rainbow Confetti Baby Word Scramble Game Stationery 

4. Baby Shower Word Search Notepad

In our next DIY Baby Shower series: how to make Baby Bodysuit Cupcakes.

Photography & Collage by: Aaron Calestar and Nicole Pittman
Concept & styling by: Jenny Wagner
Baby shower candy flyer design by: AnnLeeDesigns

Seller Spotlight: Sm_business_cards

May 16, 2013

Maura Reed was born in Nashville, TN and received a BA in Interior Design with a minor in Fine Art. Her mother was an artist and enrolled Maura in formal art instruction at a very young age. Maura worked as a commercial interior designer for about 3 years, and then left to pursue abstract painting — a profession that would last two decades. In 2008, she decided to try her talent in digital art. Maura took some time to talk to us about her background and favorite products.

I found out about Zazzle after looking for some notecards to print my abstract photography. I’ve been designing since 2008 — that first year was a complete learning experience. I love designing for business cards — it’s my niche. I would describe my style as: elegant, professional and stylish. It’s mostly understated, but with a bold touch of either color or design.

Here are my top 10 tips for other designers and sellers on Zazzle:

1. Love what you do.

This is mandatory.

2. Be patient and persistent.

Understand it will not happen overnight.

3. Only post your best work.

In time your inventory will grow as you continue to sharpen your skills. If you have a store that only displays great designs, then the customer will have more trust and confidence in you as a designer.

4. Be true to yourself.

Always strive to be better….never stop educating and inspiring yourself. This is a constantly evolving industry. Surround yourself with great talent, read books, take a class, join great blogs and visit museums.

5. Be original.

Be known for what makes your work stand out.

6. “Know when to put the brush down.”

Every fine artist understands this. For me, the same goes with designing business cards. I try to keep my designs simple, yet memorable – not busy or overdone.

7. Find a niche and stick with it.

The longer you are with it, the better you will become. In time, you will be known for your talent and skill.

8. Create a smart and professional header.

Every single time your customer clicks on one of your Zazzle product pages, they will see it. It sets a stage and is an extension of your professionalism. It’s almost like an online business card in itself.

9. Get feedback.

If you’re not sure if it’s good enough, ask other designers on the forum. The forum is a wonderful place — very supportive and resourceful in so many ways. Make sure to visit it often.

10. Balance your life.

Balance keeps everything in perspective and keeps us from becoming stagnant, burnt out or stressed. It keeps you fresh.

Here are some of my favorite products:

Cosmetologist Elegant and Simple Blue Lotus Business Card Template
Cosmetologist Elegant and Simple Blue Lotus Business Card Template by sm_business_cards

This was a variation of an older lotus illustration that I wanted to give a more simple, elegant feel. Healing arts and cosmetology are a huge inspiration for many of my designs.

Chic Boutique Gold Circle Motif Faux Black Linen Business Cards
Chic Boutique Gold Circle Motif Faux Black Linen Business Cards by sm_business_cards

This circle motif was a design I created out of complete spontaneity. I only knew that I was going to do some kind of mandala design…so I began with one circle and “the rotate tool” in AI.

Chic Faux Gold Leaf Circles Pink Linen Look Business Cards
Chic Faux Gold Leaf Circles Pink Linen Look Business Cards by sm_business_cards

I love to incorporate texture, pattern and light into my designs.

Pink Cherry Blossoms Branch Fashion Boutique Business Card
Pink Cherry Blossoms Branch Fashion Boutique Business Card by sm_business_cards

I wanted to create something soft and feminine with a hand drawn style. I’m trying to add more hand-drawn work to my designs.

Event Planner Circle Wood Modern Business Card
Event Planner Circle Wood Modern Business Card by sm_business_cards

I love using the circle motif in my designs. The gold and wood texture gives warmth to this bold, mod design.

Father’s Day Series: Top Gifts for Grandpa

May 16, 2013

There’s something about grandparents that’s so much easier and calmer (sometimes) than being with parents. Grandparents can swoop in and spoil you, and leave the tough stuff to Mom and Dad (the changing, disciplining, overall child-rearing). You have two generations of distance (and, some would say, a common enemy!).

As part of our Father’s Day series, we wanted to include a salute to all grandfathers, who can act as second fathers or the best of friends. Doting, devoted, seasoned, sarcastic: they’ve seen it all, and have the best stories and advice (or, perhaps, dated advice that’s still entertaining and unforgettable).

We sometimes associate grandfathers with free time (assuming they’re retired), and therefore a lot of coffee. We all know how much they can like their chair, their paper, their mug, so why not give him another one that’s unquestionably his — that he can add to “my collection”? With the “We Love Grandpa” Mug, you can add your favorite photo and a special saying — an inside joke or sentiment of love:

Father's Day "We Love Grandpa" Mug with Photo
Father’s Day “We Love Grandpa” Mug with Photo by red_dress

Has anyone else’s grandfather grown slightly forgetful? Odds are, he could definitely use something to help him keep track of things and make life easier — like the “Best Grandpa Ever” Father’s Day Keychain, which you can personalize with all of his grandkids’ names:

Best Freakin Grandpa Ever Keychain
Best Freakin Grandpa Ever Keychain by CelebrationZazzle

For the cinephile or wise-guy grandpa, our “The Grandfather” Trucker Hat is a seriously funny nod to a classic that, odds are, he reveres as the pinnacle of movies:

The Grandfather Trucker Hats
The Grandfather Trucker Hats by babyfactory

Coming up next, we end our Father’s Day series with a round-up of our favorite gifts to make your father’s day.

Father’s Day Series: LOL Gifts for Funny Dad

May 15, 2013

As we continue our Father’s Day series, we salute the hilarious dads in our lives — the comedians, the think-they’re-comedians and the ones who just love a good laugh.

In the spirit of taking ourselves not at all seriously, this “Reserved Parking” Card is the perfect vehicle (so to speak) to express your love and appreciation — or verbally shake your fist:

Reserved Parking Cards
Reserved Parking Cards by Worlds_Greatest_Dud

If your dad is the bankroller type (lucky you), he’ll love the tongue-in-cheek “First National Bank of Dad” Mug to hold his gold-flecked coffee or tea:

1st National Bank Of Dad Mug
1st National Bank Of Dad Mug by christmasmuggifts

And for the kind of dad who has “his chair” (think: the unforgettable Martin Crane from Frasier), get him a Mr. Lazy Trucker Hat in honor of the lovable book series that he may or may not have read, but definitely fits into:

Mr Lazy Classic Trucker Hat
Mr Lazy Classic Trucker Hat by littlemissandmrmen

We love a funny dad, and this Father’s Day, he’ll love the kind of gift that says, “You deserve a laugh, today and all year round.”

#MakeYourOwn Maker Faire Sweepstakes

May 15, 2013


If you could customize anything in the world, what would it be? We’re looking to Maker Faire attendees and Maker Movement fans to participate and answer this question.

We’ll be giving away 3 prizes to 3 winners. Prizes consist of a package: RickShaw ® bag, Dawson™ pillow and DODOcase™.

To enter, just submit your answer to this prompt: “If I could customize anything in the world, it would be___” and include the hashtag #MakeYourOwn in the entry.

Participants can use:

Instagram: Snap a picture of the response and Instagram us (@zazzle) using #MakeYourOwn.


  • Picture: Tweet us (@zazzle) your answer as a tweet or as a picture using #MakeYourOwn
  • Vine: Tweet us (@zazzle) a Vine video with your verbal answer using #MakeYourOwn

@zazzle’s Twitter handle will be retweeting best answers throughout the event. We’ll be gathering your answers at the event, but if you can’t make it to Maker Faire – feel free to participate using one of the methods above!

Winners announced at the end of the event, Sunday, May 19th.

Full Sweepstakes Guidelines

National Photography Month on Zazzle

May 14, 2013

May is National Photography Month! Photography aficionados know there’s a whole, wide beautiful world out there to photograph. Whether your favorite subject at the end of a lens is a playful chimpanzee or a soaring vista — our partners (Corbis, National Geographic, LIFE and Getty Images) have a captivating selection of photography to place on invites, notebooks, postcards and more.

Admirers of the animal kingdom can find their favorite snap here:

Great White Shark Rows of Teeth 2 Notebooks
Great White Shark Rows of Teeth 2 Notebooks by NationalGeographic
Chimpanzee Postcard
Chimpanzee Postcard by corbisimages
Mule Deer buck , Yellowstone National Park Posters
Mule Deer buck , Yellowstone National Park Posters by NationalGeographic

History buffs rejoice! We’ve got the perfect iconic moment captured in a photo, just for you:

Illustration depicting inventor Thomas Edison Postcard
Illustration depicting inventor Thomas Edison Postcard by lifestore
Browse more Record Postcards
First manned mission to successfully land on moon mousepad
First manned mission to successfully land on moon mousepad by lifestore 

Traveler at heart? You don’t need a passport to see some of the best from Iceland to London:

Iceland. Poster
Iceland. Poster by NationalGeographic
Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Print
Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Print by NationalGeographic
Houses of Parliament & the London Eye Postcard
Houses of Parliament & the London Eye Postcard by prophoto
Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan's financial district Greeting Card
Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan’s financial district Greeting Card by lifestore

Take a look at more stunning photography by going to the Corbis, National Geographic, LIFE and Getty Images stores on Zazzle.

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