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Year in Review — Best of 2012

December 21, 2012

Another year’s end is quickly approaching, and soon we’ll be left with only the sweet memories of some amazing 2012 memes and trends. Here’s our top five memes-turned-products that we loved this year:

1. Undisputed World War Champions

Popularized on reddit, we loved how this t-shirt allowed USA fans to show their patriotism and their sense of humor.

Back to Back World War Champs Distressed T-shirt
Back to Back World War Champs Distressed T-shirt by msvb1te

2. Binders Full of Women

After a question about gender equality in the workplace went horribly wrong during the presidential debates, Mitt’s now infamous answer was the source of parody Twitter accounts, riffs on other memes (Ryan “Hey Girl” Gosling), binder creations and giggles for many.

Romney Binder full of women
Romney Binder full of women by Rex_Lambo

3. Gone Squatchin’

Do you believe? Whether you think roaming wild terrain in search of evidence for the Sasquatch is silly or genius, Bobo’s “Gone Squatchin’” trucker hat has become a sensation and rallying point for Bigfoot believers everywhere.

Original & Best-Selling Bobo's GONE SQUATCHIN Hat
Original & Best-Selling Bobo’s GONE SQUATCHIN Hat by lifeguardshack

4. Grumpy Cat

It might have all been due to a kitty underbite, but on gloomy Mondays or moments when we were just “over it,” we loved that Tardar Sauce’s face summed up everything we were thinking.

Original Grumpy Cat -I had fun once. It was awful. Coffee Mug
Original Grumpy Cat -I had fun once. It was awful. Coffee Mug by thegrumpycat

5. Mayan Calendar End-of-Times Prediction — December 21, 2012

Whether you aren’t surprised or are seriously let down, there’s one thing for sure — we’re still here and 2013 is near. Happy New Year!

End of the World Survivor T Shirt
End of the World Survivor T Shirt by brainsugar

Seller Spotlight: origamiprints

December 21, 2012

This holiday season, there’s no doubt that you’ll be receiving a pile of greeting cards in the mail. But if you open an envelope only to see a bold, modern and stylish card with striking photography, it’s a good bet that it was designed by Shelby Allison of origamiprints. Known for her bold (“I’m all about being bold!” Says Allison) use of font and collaged pictures, Shelby’s “Bold Merry and Bright” holiday card is a best seller. Shelby told us which of her cards are her favorites.

Bold Merry and Bright Holiday Photo Card
Bold Merry and Bright Holiday Photo Card by origamiprints
The contrast between the black & white photos and bright colors really make this card pop!

I love designing invites, stationery and photo cards the most. That’s where I got my name, origamiprints — the name went well with my goal to combine artwork with paper into an art form.

Here’s a list of my other five favorite products in my store:

New Year’s Trio Photo Card:

New Years Trio Photo Card
New Years Trio Photo Card by origamiprints
I wanted to give this design a clean and classic look by using minimal color along with very clear and simple fonts.

Jeaune Amour Vintage Save the Date:

Jeune Amour Vintage Save the Date Personalized Invite
Jeune Amour Vintage Save the Date Personalized Invite by origamiprints
I got inspiration for this card after my recent visit to Paris, France. I wanted to design a save the date with a very sweet and romantic look with a little bit of a vintage feel.

Ocean Waves Wedding Invite:

Ocean Waves Wedding Invite - Blue Gold
Ocean Waves Wedding Invite – Blue Gold by origamiprints
For this invitation, I wanted to create a design that was a little bit more unique than your average beach wedding invitation. I just love the way the blue and the gold look together.

Sweet Cakes Baby Shower Invite:

Sweet Cakes Baby Shower Invite
Sweet Cakes Baby Shower Invite by origamiprints
My idea for this design came from my love of sweets! I love cupcakes!

Nautical Baby Shower Invite:

Nautical Baby Shower Invite
Nautical Baby Shower Invite by origamiprints
For this design, I wanted to create a baby shower invite with a classy and elegant feel. I think the navy, white and yellow color scheme, along with the organization of the text, is what makes the look.

As you can probably tell, my designs are heavily influenced by typography. I love discovering new fonts and typefaces. Each font has a personality of its own and can really transform the look of a product, depending on which one you choose. I think choosing the right font, including the way you organize the layout of your text, can make a world of difference in a design.

New Products on Zazzle!

December 20, 2012

Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s a roundup of new products on our site:

Fine Art Fun Colorful Paint Color Box iPad Case
Fine Art Fun Colorful Paint Color Box iPad Case by kicksdesign
Give your iPad case the timeless look of hardcover book with our Dodo iPad cases.
Nautical steampunk octopus vintage drawing commuter bags
Nautical steampunk octopus vintage drawing commuter bags by iBella
Be prepared for your daily commute with our new RickShaw Commuter Laptop Bags.

Create Your Own Custom T-Shirts

We added new apparel styles and colors, including maternity.

Coffee Lovers Savvy iPad Mini Case
Coffee Lovers Savvy iPad Mini Case by Tasty_House_Gifts 
Downtown Chicago Covers For iPhone 5
Downtown Chicago Covers For iPhone 5 by northwestphotos
We added iPad and iPhone cases from Case Savvy! Case Savvy is known for its lightweight hard shell plastic with little bulk.
Pinstripe Suit and Tie Powis iCase iPad Mini Case
Pinstripe Suit and Tie Powis iCase iPad Mini Case by sunnymars
Powis iPad and iPad mini cases are made with premium book cloth and finished with glossy laminate.
2013 New Years Odometer (With Black Confetti) Stamps
2013 New Years Odometer (With Black Confetti) Stamps by NewYearsCelebration
New stamp rates for $0.46 and $0.33 postage went live.
Phone case - Whimsey Garden design #4 iPhone 5 Cover
Phone case – Whimsey Garden design #4 iPhone 5 Cover by PersonalityCards
For all the klutzes out there, we’ve added more options to protect your iPhone. We’ve added new cases from Skinit for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S III case.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 1.56.58 PM

       Hydration is important, but for those who take smaller sips we released a 16 ounce Liberty Water Bottle and two new cap accessories.

The World Could End (But If It Doesn’t You’ll Need a Calendar)

December 20, 2012

If you believe the Mayan prediction for December 21, 2012 — there’s no need to read on. Scratch needing a calendar — in fact, you should be enjoying your last day of unstructured time relaxing, meandering through your old haunts and asking people what day it is. But for everyone else who is even a bit skeptical, the world will still be here come December 22, 2012 and you’ll be needing a calendar for the upcoming year.

We’re pleased to highlight some great calendars for 2013. Got a friend who is a schedule-loving, time-tracking planner? Do you live to make everyday count? We’ve got some calendars for you:

Why mark the passage of time nicely, when you can do it with some offensive flair —

2013 Bluntcard calendar
2013 Bluntcard calendar by bluntcard

Piglets for every month! Check off each month with cute piglets —

Piglet 2013 Calendar
Piglet 2013 Calendar by prophoto

It might be a new year, but some prefer it old and vintage. Each month in this calendar comes paired with beautiful vintage French posters —

Vintage Posters 2013 Calendar
Vintage Posters 2013 Calendar by lechatdesassy1

Zazzle Gives Extra Inventory to Local Organization work2future

December 19, 2012

The holiday season is about giving to others, and Zazzle is no exception. This year — for the first time — we’ve given our extra inventory to help people in need in the city of San Jose, California, by partnering with work2future. We donated more than 700 shirts, apparel and other items to people who need them.

work2future is part of the City of San Jose Office of Economic Development. This organization is focused on workforce and economic development by offering ‘One-Stop Center’ opportunities to help connect job seekers with job opportunities in the Bay Area. work2future helps job seekers obtain skills and training, and also works with small and large businesses, educational institutions, and community-based organizations to help provide the diverse community of San Jose with a world-class workforce. In particular, work2future enables youth to jump-start their career with skills training and job search assistance.

Zazzle’s manufacturing facility is based in San Jose, California, so we are very pleased to support the city of San Jose and our local community. Zazzle plans to continue to give back to local residents in various ways today and in the future.

City of San Jose

Big Fish Games: The Mystery Comes to Zazzle

December 19, 2012

Mental puzzles can be fun, especially when they’re built into the storyline of a game. For anyone familiar with the popular game series Mystery Case Files (MCF), players have to mentally maneuver through “Hidden Object” puzzles to progress through the game. Players must find a certain number of these items hidden somewhere in the scene.

Fans of Big Fish Games, developer of Mystery Case Files, can now get their favorite game on mugs, t-shirts and more.

Intrigued by the morphing hidden objects in MCF: Escape from Ravenhearst? Get the Escape from Ravenhearst scene on a mouse pad or a mug –

MCF: Escape From Ravenhearst Gate Mouse Pads
MCF: Escape From Ravenhearst Gate Mouse Pads by MysteryCaseFiles

Love the door puzzles in MCF: Ravenhearst? Get the game emblazoned aross a hoodie –

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst T-shirt
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst T-shirt by MysteryCaseFiles

Big Fish Games has many more online browser games and more to come on our store. Happy mystery solving!

Zazzle Now Offers Skinit Cases

December 18, 2012

Christmas is almost here, and Zazzle is offering some great new products, including three new cases from Skinit for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. Now you can keep your phone safe from damage with a sturdy, protective case from Skinit.

The Skinit iPhone Cargo case for iPhone 5 (also available for iPhone 4) is a reliable, hardened custom case that is ready for drops and dings. It features a hard plastic outer-shell with an embedded TPU liner that is shock-resistant. And the backside of this is vibrantly printed with your images, designs, and texts — whatever you choose to show your own personal style.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 12.54.25 PM

In addition, we’re offering Skinit cases for the Galaxy S III. This case is also double-layered with a liner and external hard shell and allows access to all buttons and ports. It also features textured side walls for grippage. Skinit is a leader in customized cases for electronic devices, and by partnering with Zazzle, there are now even more designs for you to choose from. Skinit cases are available now on Zazzle for you to customize, personalize and purchase as a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself.

Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Cases
Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Cases by jahwil

Zazzle Instant #Zaturday: Now Offering iPad Mini Cases!

December 15, 2012

Zazzle Instant #Zaturday is our 3-part series on Saturday, where we announce a new feature on our Zazzle Instant iOS app. 

Read Zaturday Part 1 here

Read Zaturday Part 2 here

Last #Zaturday, we announced that you could now get sizeable, high-quality posters for only 99 cents from Zazzle Instant. Today, we’re flipping the final switch, updating our Live Feed, and giving you the ability to make iPad mini cases — all straight from our iOS app. Here’s Ben, Zazzle Instant guru: 

Why look at one thing when you can look at many things? We’ve reworked the appearance of the Live Feed in Zazzle Instant to show you more stuff, more rapidly and more often. You’ll feel like child Bruce Wayne when he fell down the well full of bats, but in a good way.


It’s like crank for your eyeballs.

Secondly, we’ve added iPad Mini cases. You could buy one and put it inside an iPad case, and then put an iPhone case inside both the cases, to form a set of Russian nesting cases. You could alternatively use it to protect your iPad Mini.


I am the batman.

Foto Friday

December 14, 2012

Check out this week’s Foto Friday!

What’s Foto Friday? It’s our weekly blog post of customers enjoying their Zazzle products. Want to join in the fun and earn $5 towards your next Zazzle order? See details on how to participate in Foto Friday.

Halloween – Pug – QuaziMoto – Stephanie Pet Water Bowls
DogOWeen 2009 Cutest Dog Winner Angel – Pomeranian Coffee Mugs
Gizmo – Chihuahua – Thomas Mouse Pads
Halloween – Just a Lil Spooky – Afghan Dinner Plate
Halloween – Just a Lil Spooky – Crestie – Kahlo Case-Mate iPhone 4 Case
Halloween – Just a Lil Spooky – Afghan T-shirt


My most recent order from Zazzle was more unique than my past orders. I designed a business card that included a QR code and it turned out beautiful! Not only do people appreciate the quality, but they can’t wait to scan it with their phone! After they scan it, they will actually see the same card they hold in their hand, appear on their phone. Next, when they touch their screen, that card comes to life through animation and plays a really cool introduction video (the photo shows what it looks like on a PC). It’s a valuable marketing tool at an unbeatable price/quality with Zazzle! I’m currently designing my next idea with Zazzle now. Thanks! Chad

Join in the fun now! Learn more about submitting your photos and videos to Foto Friday!

Seller Spotlight: Steve Thomas — Space Travel Posters Take Off

December 13, 2012

A few years ago, Steve Thomas could have never predicted that a background in newspaper graphics and a love of Gen Con would lead to Zazzle holiday Gift Center fame. His “Visit Mars” poster is now featured on our Space Cadet Gift Center section (all you galaxy geeks, be sure to check it out). Steve shared with us how he combines space travel, science fiction, imagination and WPA poster art into the planetary creations you see on his store site.

I have a background in informational graphics and graphic illustration. I spent 14 years handling graphics for every part of a newspaper, specializing in charts, cutaway views of products and maps.

Gen Con came around one year, and I wanted to set up an artist booth at the event. I had never done anything like this before, but I was determined to figure out how I could combine fantasy with space travel, but also still retain mass appeal. I sketched out the Mars and Venus travel posters, and they got so much attention that I decided to do all of the other planets. Some bloggers found my designs (picked up in the “geek art section”), which helped build buzz.

Visit Mars Print
Visit Mars Print by stevethomas

Having a poster of just a painted dragon or simple space scene wasn’t enough for me. I decided to add one extra layer on top of my art, in the style of the old WPA propaganda posters used during FDR’s New Deal era. These posters are in bold, art deco-style and were used in everything from war propaganda to wildlife education.

Office Propaganda: Avoid Downloads Print
Office Propaganda: Avoid Downloads Print by stevethomas

I usually start out with a thumbnail sketch in my notebook and then I move on to gathering backdrop images of mountains or old retro rockets. I start on my computer, usually Illustrator and then I take the piece into photoshop. The products that work best for my designs tend to be posters and t-shirts, but if someone requests my designs on another product, I’m happy to do it. I just finished a Transylvania travel-themed poster and one about the North Pole.

Transylvania by Train travel poster
Transylvania by Train travel poster by stevethomas

If I have any tips for other designers, it would be to put the designs that you personally find interesting on products, and also have patience and persistence. When I first started on Zazzle, I just threw anything I could onto t-shirts and posters and they weren’t selling. And for good reason — the designs really weren’t that interesting. The moment I combined passion with quality was when everything really started to take off.

Venus by Air Posters
Venus by Air Posters by stevethomas

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