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New Custom Smart Phone Cases from Zazzle and Case-Mate

September 30, 2011

So what’s new on Zazzle you ask? Well how about a bunch of new device cases! Check out the latest additions to Zazzle’s custom case offering – new cases for your iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Android! In partnership with Case-Mate, we’ve launched nine lightweight, impact-resistant, and stylish cases made to guard your mobile device with a form-fitting plastic shell that is barely there. These cases are fully printed on the back AND sides for a complete wrapping of your design, photo, or text. See below for some of my favorites that were just published in the marketplace.

BlackBerry Curve Cases & BlackBerry Bold Cases

Samsung Galaxy Cases

There are many great new form-factors included in this offering, like the BlackBerry Curve case, Blackberry Bold case, and Samsung Galaxy case. But I especially love the iPhone 4 Case-Mate ID case because of the cool slot in the back of the case that is perfect for credit cards or your IDs. Which of the new cases is your favorite?

Foto Friday = Good Times!

September 30, 2011

Check out this week’s Foto Friday!

What’s Foto Friday? It’s our weekly blog post of customers enjoying their Zazzle products. Want to join in the fun and earn $5 towards your next Zazzle order? See details on how to participate in Foto Friday.

Join in the fun now! Learn more about submitting your photos and videos to Foto Friday!

Express your inner champ with Muhammad Ali GEAR!

September 29, 2011

Zazzle is not pulling any punches, especially with The Greatest of All Time in our corner!  We are not only stinging like a bee, we are buzzing like one too with our new Muhammad Ali Store.  Express your inner champion with unique one-of-a-kind Muhammad Ali t-shirts, Muhammad Ali mugs, Muhammad Ali hats, Muhammad Ali cards, and more. Check out some of my favorite designs from the new store below.

Zazzle Featured Seller Interview with JaclinArt

September 29, 2011

Jacqueline, from the Zazzle store JaclinArt, talks about her inspirations and her time as a Zazzler.  Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out her store JaclinArt!

Pink Purple Butterflies Wedding Invitation

Zazzle: Give us a brief bio, where you’re from and when you started making art.

Jacqueline: Hello – I’m originally from New England (the Boston area), but now reside in Southern California.  In an old letter from my grandmother I discovered, she wrote: “Little Jacqueline (at two years old) always has a crayon in her hand.  She is always drawing birds!” I loved art in junior high – I had the most marvelous art teacher! In college I had very intense jobs that required a lot of overtime, so I didn’t really reconnect with my art and photography in a deep way until a few years ago.  But!  Happily, creating art has become the focus of my everyday life.

Zazzle: What’s your inspiration for your designs?

Jacqueline: The majority of my designs are created from my original photos.  I have a special fascination for roses, so I have many, many rose items in my shop!  Also, most of my bridesmaid cards are designed with flower elements – rose petals, fields of flowers, etc.  I just love designing wedding items – it gives me the chance to be romantic and frilly!

Zazzle: How many hours do you typically spend working on your Zazzle store?

Jacqueline: Gosh, it’s endless!  I basically spend every free moment that I have working on Zazzle – Either creating new products, or looking for ways to promote the products that I have.

Zazzle: When you’re not creating art, what are your other hobbies?

Jacqueline: I love taking floral photographs. Luckily, I live very close to an arboretum so there are a lot of beautiful flowers to choose from!

Zazzle: Can you give us a sneak peek of a future design?

Jacqueline: Well this is a card I just created – I love it for the story behind it.  A man contacted me and wanted a customized anniversary card with green roses on it. After I created the card, he told me he was going to surprise his wife for their 40th Anniversary with a trip to Ireland. I just thought that was such a sweet story – and it made it perfectly understandable why he just “had to have” green roses!

Zazzle: What has been your favorite design you’ve created, and why?

Jacqueline: It’s so hard to choose a favorite!  But this is a design I enjoy…I love that I have the opportunity to design on all four sides of a card – I just think it makes the card extra special.

25th Wedding Anniversary Card with Pink Rosebud

Zazzle: What is your favorite Zazzle feature?

Jacqueline: I love all the typefaces that Zazzle has.  This is one of my favorite cards since I could play around with typefaces in a fun way.

Zazzle: What got you interested in selling your art on Zazzle?

Jacqueline: Well as they say…challenge can become opportunity.  When I was laid off from my last company (it was sold, and the work was outsourced to Pakistan) I couldn’t seem to be able to find a comparable position.  So, I started spending more and more time on Zazzle…since I had run out of ideas about how to get a “traditional” job.

Zazzle: What tips can you give someone who is just starting out on Zazzle?

Jacqueline: For someone just starting out…

1. Decide what your niche(s) will be – and see if you can consistently design for your niche.
2. If you have the time available, strive to create quality products daily.
3. Focus on growing your inventory.
4. Visit the forums – There are a lot of supportive people there!  And you’ll learn a lot.
5. Put your heart into your art.  My most successful designs seem to be the ones that are the most “me”.
6. Keep at it!  It took me four months before I started seeing sales…And it took me two years before I had what I consider to be “meaningful” sales.  I have definitely been the tortoise!  But bit by bit, my Zazzle online business is growing.

Thanks Jacqueline!

Which media darling, Christie or Cain, is winning in the eyes of the Zazzle Customer?

September 28, 2011

Newly minted “front-runner” Herman Cain and Chris “I’m not running but I meet with GOP presidential power brokers anyway” Christie seem to be garnering equal attention in the media right now despite their different stances toward the presidency (Cain running, Christie not). This confuses me and leads me to wonder: Since the media can’t decide, which one does the Zazzle consumer think have the best shot of going up against Obama in 2012? Well the votes (searches) are in and Cain is the runaway winner.

If Herman Cain t-shirts and Chris Christie t-shirts are the new straw poll indicator, it looks to me that the Zazzle consumer doesn’t believe Christie is going to run in 2012 (despite the media attention). What do you think? Who’s your Republican front-runner? Share in the comments.

Author Interview with Sibyl White

September 26, 2011

Zazzle has recently been mentioned in the new book, How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own, by Sibyl White; a collaborative piece centered around personal success and creative entrepreneurship. It provides resources for discovering passion, eliminating fear, and finding inspiration. Check out our interview with Sibyl White below to learn more about her book and how Zazzle offers value to start-up businesses.

Please describe your new book. Why did you feel compelled to write it?

My book is in an interview format and I asked “everyday” business owners to share how they started their business, challenges they faced, successes they’ve had, and tips and resources they would offer to others in the start-up phase. My main goal was to help those at a crossroads in their career; to rock their own world, follow their own path.  Most of the participants have free info on their sites or offer a free e-book to help others as well.

I’ve worked for large corporations like the headquarters for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Disney Studios and Dreamworks.  I’ve also spent 12 years working for start-ups, most folded.  I’ve certainly been laid off more than once, but I learned a lot from each and every company and wanted to use that experience to help others.

How has your corporate experience affected your outlook on running a business?

The large corporations I’ve worked for are well known and have been around for a while, but they didn’t start that way.  Mary Kay started making cosmetics in her home.  Before Disneyland, Walt Disney was once told he had no imagination.  They listened to their heart and became very good at what they did and then the companies grew into the giants they are today.  I learned, be great at what you do first, growth will follow.

While working for some of the start-ups in the 90s, I think ego got in the way at times.  Some were run with the mentality of being “first in the space” being everything, even at the expense of customer service.  In some instances I learned what “not” to do.  Others were run by doing all the right things, and still struggled. But, persistence paid off in the end.

So my lessons learned – be great at what you do and don’t give up.

We were excited to hear you included Zazzle in your book. How did you hear about us? 

I first learned about Zazzle a while back when I was trying to find a place that offered customized promotional products where I didn’t have to buy thousands at a time.  I was looking for something simple and fast. Most small business owners don’t have the space or the extra money to buy large amounts and Zazzle offers a solution to that problem.

How do you recommend those “ditching the corporate world” use Zazzle?

Zazzle is ideal for small businesses in several different ways; to add custom promotional products to their current business; and it’s a way to start small and test the market with your own design.  If you can’t come up with your own design, hire someone and test it out.  There’s are tons of ideas on Zazzle’s website and also several in my book like the stories of I Wear Your Shirt and Zelda Wisdom.

Since I love dogs and wish I could save them all from shelters, here’s an idea.  Use your digital camera to take photos of dogs waiting for a home.  Get 5-10 good photos, put them on t-shirts, sell them with captions like “Take me home!” or “I will love you unconditionally.”  Another take on that idea, work with pet adoption events and when someone adopts, offer to take a photo of their new “baby” or with their new “baby” and sell them t-shirts or any of the many other items Zazzle offers. Perhaps $1.00 could go back to the adoption service.

The best way – think of an idea for a corporation, design it, pitch it, and sell them [the client] thousands for them to use as giveaways to their employees or customers.

There is no limit to the imagination.

Thanks for sharing with us Sibyl!

Be sure to check out her book, How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own, on Amazon or at Barnes and Nobel locations.

Foto Friday Fun Times!

September 23, 2011

Check out this week’s Foto Friday!

What’s Foto Friday? It’s our weekly blog post of customers enjoying their Zazzle products. Want to join in the fun and earn $5 towards your next Zazzle order? See details on how to participate in Foto Friday.

Join in the fun now! Learn more about submitting your photos and videos to Foto Friday!

Zazzle Featured Seller Interview with RollyCrump

September 22, 2011

New Zazzler Rolly, from the Zazzle store RollyCrump, talks about what it was like being a Disney Imagineer, and what he’s looking forward to doing on Zazzle.  Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out his store RollyCrump!

Rolly Crump Beatnik Poster

Zazzle: What’s your inspiration for your designs?

Rolly: My imagination. I’ve always had a very vivid imagination.

Zazzle: How has working for Disney influenced your style as an artist?

Rolly: Disney was one of many influences, along with all the artist gods and goddesses whose work, style and colors I have just loved over the years.

Zazzle: What has been your favorite design you’ve created, and why?

Rolly: The Tower of the Four Winds at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, because it was totally my design.  I usually worked in partnership with Walt Disney, so it was wonderful to create this fantastic project on my own.

Rolly Crump Day of the Dead Circus Poster

Zazzle: Being a newer seller on Zazzle, what are you looking forward to the most?

Rolly: Being able to share my art with people who appreciate it.

Zazzle: What is your favorite Zazzle product to create?

Rolly: I really like creating posters.

Zazzle: What got you interested in selling your art on Zazzle?

Rolly: I love Zazzle’s concept, and I feel my art lends itself well to the many types of unique, cool products.

Zazzle: What tips can you give someone who is just starting out on Zazzle?

Rolly: Be true to your art, and don’t give up!

Thanks Rolly!

Don’t Forget To Enter Zazzle’s $100,000 Canvas Giveaway!

September 20, 2011

Zazzle’s crazy $100,000 Wrapped Canvas Giveaway has been up for a week now! Don’t miss your chance to win a FREE 8×10 custom gallery wrapped canvas print! Don’t keep all the excitement to yourself… share with your friends and post the giveaway to your Facebook profile wall! What image would you use if you won a free wrapped canvas? We want to hear from you, so leave a comment below or on our Facebook wall!

Charlie Sheen is Getting Roasted!

September 19, 2011

And it’s happening tonight!! What’s a roast, you ask?  It’s a chance for the “loved ones” of a famous person to gather together and brutally insult their legacy for our amusement. Sheen is the ideal roast candidate; he has an array of acting successes as well as an even larger collection of notorious behavior. It’s safe to say with Sheen’s “winning” vocabulary and claims of being infused with “tiger blood,” the comedians roasting him won’t have to try very hard to make him look foolish – but they will. Check out Charlie Sheen on Zazzle for tons of funny designs created by both Sheen and his fans!

Be sure to tune in for Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen tonight, September 19th at 10PM/9C.

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