Redwood City Parks and Recreation Showing Off Their Zazzle!

Redwood City Zazzle Store

Redwood City (RWC to those in the know), home to the Zazzle HQ and luscious green parks, recently sent RWC staffers to the California Parks and Recreation Society event in Palm Springs where I am sure they discussed the total lack of tilt-a-whirls in adult parks (it’s a major issue). While engaging in these heated discussions, they of course showed off the t-shirts from their Redwood City Zazzle store! Here’s what Jordana, an RWC Parks and Rec employee, had to say about wearing their awesome Zazzle t-shirts:

“Eight Redwood City Employees represented their own as well as Zazzle at the annual CPRS conference. We heard a lot of “What’s Zazzle?” We were happy to explain that we can print on-demand shirts and sell them to enthusiastic supporters with no overhead and no inventory. We love not having a backlog of unsold t- shirts and an easy way to promote ourselves in this down economy. Thank you Zazzle!”

Are you a park (you’re a park? Parks can read?)? Do you run a park? Well you might want to check out the Sell page to learn more about opening your own free, zero inventory Zazzle store today!

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