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Money Maker: New Father's Day Banners for Associates

May 30, 2009

dadism banner

We’re going all out for Father’s day (June 21), the last big holiday selling season on Zazzle before Christmas. If you haven’t been submitting new products or started promoting links to Father’s Day content, it’s not too late to start.

Here are the Father’s Day landing pages to link to (replace [rfid] with your own rf id):

We also have five landing pages honoring “dadisms,” the wisdom (like “money doesn’t grow on trees”), wit (like “you are grounded until the end of the world or until I say so, whichever comes first”), and timeless sayings (like, “go ask your mother”) shared by dads everywhere:


Father’s Day Banners are available here, and can also be found on the banners main page.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe Now on Zazzle

May 28, 2009

Get down and dirty with the latest Discovery Channel Store to join Zazzle, Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs. Dirty Jobs is one of my favorite shows. It gives us the sights and sounds of some very interesting jobs from around the world without all the smells (please no one invent smell-o-vision TVs…). Check out some of the great Dirty Job t-shirts, Dirty Jobs posters and more at the Dirty Jobs Store. Some of my favorites, and a clip from the show, are below.

dirty jobs mousepad dirty jobs t-shirts dirty jobs mug


Class today at 3pmPT & 5pmPT

May 28, 2009

1) Zazzle Basics – 3pm PT

In this class I will cover the basics of getting started on Zazzle. There is an open QA session where the students are free to ask any questions on getting started on Zazzle.
2) Zazzle Advanced – 5pm PT

You will need to know the basics of CSS & HTML for this class. We will have a Q&A session where you can ask any of your advanced Zazzle related questions.


In order to register for either of these online classes, YOU MUST email me directly ( and let me know which one of these classes you wanted to sign up for. These classes are Webex classes, so you will be able to use a microphone to speak, or if you prefer you can use the chat room to ask questions. You will be able to hear my voice and see windows that I will be sharing with you. I will confirm via email that you successfully registered for the class, but the actual invite will not come right away, it will come sometime before the class starts, so check your email 🙂

Check for updates!

Zazzle Father’s Day Apron on HBO’s Big Love

May 27, 2009

Being a HUGE fan of the show “Big Love” on HBO, I am kicking myself for not seeing this earlier. When I was reading about upcoming season 4 on E! Online, I noticed that the apron Bill was wearing in a season 3 episode was a Zazzle Apron. Woot! Check out the shot of Bill wearing the Zazzle apron by Zazzle contributor Koncepts. Congrats Koncepts, that’s some solid free advertising.


Shop Father’s Day Gifts, Father’s Day Aprons, and more from Zazzle.


New Bag Styles – Now with Dark Colors and Organics

May 26, 2009

It’s after Memorial Day so it’s time to wear the new black, blue, organic and even pink custom bags from Zazzle. We’ve just launched a ton of new bag colors and styles from custom grocery totes in black and organic to new colors on the impulse tote like pink and yellow. These bags are sure to be great for summer vacations or just a quick run to the corner market. Check out the complete line up of new custom tote bags.

Learn more about grocery bags, organic bags, reusable bags and more at Zazzle.


Memorial Day Sale – Up to 70% Off at Zazzle!

May 22, 2009

Memorial Weekend is almost here….Just a little bit longer….must hold on…

If you’re struggling to make it through the last day before the long weekend, then pop over to the Big Memorial Weekend Sale we’re having for a pep-me-up. Why? Well here’s the two second summary *ahem* YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 70% ON YOUR NEXT ORDER!!! *ahem* So go to the page, get some awesome gear (like maybe Father’s Day Gifts?) and enjoy the long weekend.


Get shirts, posters and more from Disney’s UP!

May 21, 2009

Are you ready to go on the biggest movie adventures of the summer? Well now you can be with great custom products from Disney/Pixar’s latest film “UP,” and Zazzle! Check out the Disney Store on Zazzle, stocked full of cool UP t-shirts, UP mugs, UP posters and much more. The movie posters are especially cool because they have that awesome vintage travel poster look to them. See some of my favorite “UP” products below. Also check out the trailer…IN ITALIAN (Why? Cause it’s cRaZy Thursday)!

Up Movie Poster up mousepad UP t-shirt

If you must watch the English trailer you can view it here


Zazzle Launches and

May 19, 2009


Last night we launched for Canadians and for Australians. Now we can officially say,


to our neighbors to the north and neighbors to the deeeeeep south. These new international versions of Zazzle allow for pricing in local currencies, better shipping time and turnaround, no customs fees or taxes, and content that is more attuned to the local culture. Also, in addition to these two new sites we’ve also added Euro payment options to! Check out all the new international sites today and welcome the newest Zazzlers from around the world! Where would you like to See Zazzle go next? Leave a comment and let us know!


New Zazzle University Homepage & Next Weeks Class Schedule!

May 15, 2009

Hey Zazzlers!

We officially have a homepage now for Zazzle University. SO from now on, go to >>  This will be your one stop shop to learn all the tips and tricks you will need to succeed as a Zazzle Seller.

Class schedule for May 18th – May 22nd.

Zazzle Basics

In this class I will cover the basics of getting started on Zazzle. There is an open QA session where the students are free to ask any questions on getting started on Zazzle.

  • Tuesday – 2pm PT

Advanced Store Customization & Store Builder Installation

You will need to know the basics of CSS & HTML for this class

  • Tuesday – 5pm PT


Help JasonMit Fix His Wheelchair Van

May 13, 2009

Meet Zazzler JasonMit. Born with a rare neuromuscular disease (Dejerine-Sottas), JasonMit has been confined to an electric wheelchair with a breathing ventilator for the last seventeen years. Despite the challenges in his life, he has still been able to remain active as a 3D digital artist and motivational speaker.

Jason on his computer making art for his Zazzle store

Now a new challenge has arisen. JasonMit needs $900 worth of work done to his wheelchair van so that he can continue to travel as a motivational speaker. To help offset this cost he opened a Zazzle store to sell his digital art on everything from t-shirts to hats. We at Zazzle are very proud to be the platform that is helping JasonMit continue to do what makes him happy and we want to encourage the community of Zazzle sellers and enthusiast out there to help JasonMit in any way they can. Let’s do our best to try and get the word out for JasonMit so he can continue to travel, speak and be an inspiration for Zazzlers and other people around the world!

giraffe mousepad Penguins Poster Swan Card

See all the products in the JasonMit store.


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