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Day 100: What do you think of Obama? Share your thoughts!

April 29, 2009

Today is the 100th day of Obama’s administration. Soooooo what do you think? With all the changes going on you’ve got to have an opinion on how Obama is doing right now. Is Obama rocking your socks off or are you just rocking in the corner of a dark room? Share your comments with us @zazzle or below.

Don’t forget that we’ve got all kinds of anti-Obama t-shirts, Obama t-shirts and more to share with the world how you feel about the 44th US President.

obama for hope t-shirt noobama t-shirt I love Obama t-shirt

Also be sure to Obamicon yourself and check out some of the cool Obamaicons from some of Zazzle’s great music partners below.

ziggy marley margaret cho obama icon michael franti obama icon

Shop more Obama 100 gifts, Obama 100 t-shirts and more at Zazzle.


Twittering new Zazzle products – automatically!

April 29, 2009

It’s easy to automatically add your new Zazzle products to a Twitter feed. I’ve done this over at Here’s how:

1. Get an account on TwitterFeed, a service that reads RSS feeds and will lob them over to your twitter account. There are probably lots of services like this, but TwitterFeed has been gaining popularity in my circles, and it does the trick pretty well.

1(b). Note that to sign up for TwitterFeed, you will need an OpenId identity. You have one already if you have a Gmail or Yahoo account, or sign up with one of the other OpenId providers; TwitterFeed gives you a list. (Personally, I like ClaimId because I went to Carolina, too.)

2. Once you’re in TwitterFeed, go to “My Feeds” and click “Create a new feed”, and hook up your Zazzle feed to your Twitter account:


3. You need your feed url. Zazzle has lots of information about feeds here. The url I’m using looks like this:

Dissecting this url, we know that:

/hikingviking means I’m pulling products from my “hikingviking” gallery on Zazzle.

ft=gb means I’m pulling the “Google Base” formatted RSS feed, which gives me better access to the raw data about my product. The “title” and “description” fields are the actual title and description I have entered on Zazzle, and not html markup that allows images and links to show up in RSS reader applications.

at=238898476793705621 is how I make sure I will earn referral fees if you click through and buy stuff. Feel free to use my associate ID in your TwitterFeed! Or, you probably want to substitute your own. 🙂

The default sort type on feeds is “most recent”, so I am sure that I am picking up the products I have most recently published on Zazzle. TwitterFeed is smart enough to know what’s new every time it checks, so it won’t post duplicate products to your Twitter account.

4. The other options on the TwitterFeed page are up to you. You will have to trust TwitterFeed with your login information to your Twitter account, obviously. Then, I chose to include “title & description”, to shorten my link using TinyURL, and to prefix my post with “New @zazzle -“. That’s it! TwitterFeed runs every hour and will pick up anything new you have published to Zazzle.

Zazzle University – Spring Quarter Sign-ups

April 28, 2009

Hey Zazzlers!

I just set up 6 online classes that I will be hosting this week. These classes will be the essential building blocks for any seller out there that wants to get up to speed with building their Zazzle stores and products. These classes are invite only and the seller will need to contact me ( with the following information in order to be sent an invite for these classes.

I will need:
• Your Name
• Your MAIN VB Store url
• Your email address (has to be registered to a Zazzle store)
• Which class you want to attend
• Topics that You would like to see covered in future sessions.

The times for the classes available this week are:

Wednesday April 29th – Getting started on Zazzle – Basic

LIMITED TO 25 seats per class!

Class 1 – 9am PST / 12noon EST

Class 2 – 12noon PST / 3pm EST

This class will be for beginners. I plan on covering everything from:
• Product creation
• Store set up
• Exploring ‘My Zazzle’
• How to refer to your store/products
• Basics of Quick Product Create.

Thursday April 30th – Getting started on Zazzle – Basic

LIMITED TO 25 seats per class!

Class 1 – 9am PST / 12noon EST

Class 2 – 12noon PST / 3pm EST

This class will be for beginners. I plan on covering everything from:
• Product creation
• Store set up
• Exploring ‘My Zazzle’
• How to refer to your store/products
• Basics of Quick Product Create.
Friday May 1st -Getting Started On Zazzle – Advanced

LIMITED TO 25 seats per class!

Class 1 – 9am PST / 12noon EST

Class 2 – 3pm PST / 6pm EST

This class will be for those slightly more advanced. I plan on covering everything from:
• Quick Product Create Templates
• Understanding Referrals and how to build referral links
• Bulk Editing / Bulk Upload

DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE, I will be adding more classes next week, so if you cant make the classes posted above for this week, you will be able to watch the recordings or attend classes that I will schedule for next week. Check back here to see updates on class times as I will add more classes shortly.


Rob Greenleaf

p.s. feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding these classes and signing up etc. ->

New Hallmark Mother’s Day Store on Zazzle

April 28, 2009

Check out the newest brand to join Zazzle, Hallmark! Now you have access to great Hallmark gifts like Hallmark mousepads, Hallmark buttons and more Hallmark Mother’s Day Gifts! This is a great way to get a Hallmark card and match it with a Zazzle Hallmark gift. Check out some of my favorite Mother’s Day designs from Hallmark below.

no 1 grandma mug hallmark mousepad hallmark t-shirt

Also, don’t forget to shop Zazzle for all your Mother’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day cards, and more!


I Can Still Haz Bacon?

April 27, 2009
swine flu t-shirt

Fear about Swine Flu is running rampant all over the US and Mexico right now, but not on Zazzle! Our pig gifts and bacon t-shirts are perfectly safe and 100% Swine Flu free. So if you’re at home right now or out and about licking pigs to prove a point (I should have never taken that bet) be sure to pick some awesome Swine Flu joke gifts from Zazzle. See below to see my favorites.

swine flu gifts swine flu button bacon t-shirt

Learn more about Swine Flu gifts, Swine Flu t-shirts and Swine Flu stickers at Zazzle.


Zazzle's Commitment to Sellers

April 23, 2009

Since yesterday morning, Zazzle HQ has been flooded with phone calls, emails, forum posts, blog posts, and tweets from our own Sellers and from the greater community inquiring about the Zazzle e-commerce platform – in particular, Zazzle’s Seller programs, policies and tools.

The concerned tone of many inquiries is understandable. We are living in uncertain times – the economy is in a deep recession, institutions we have trusted for years are now failing us, and many aspects of the future we planned for have been changed for the worse.

At Zazzle, we empathize with the struggles, risks, and rewards of creating a business that can sustain growth for long-term success. We take our responsibility as a business partner to heart and are passionate about investing in the tools, programs, and products that empower our community of Sellers to drive the rapid growth of independent businesses built on the Zazzle platform. Above all, Zazzle is passionate about earning and keeping the trust of our Sellers with program policies and practices that are aligned toward our mutual, long-term success.

Interested in Becoming a Zazzle Seller?

There has never been a better time to join the Zazzle Seller community and to start building your own business or, if you are already a valued member of our Seller community, to now double-down on your efforts and investment in the Zazzle platform. Here’s why…

IT’S FREE: Zazzle Doesn’t Charge You to Sell

Zazzle doesn’t charge its Sellers for any premium features or programs. We think that’s counterintuitive and counterproductive. Because each Seller contributes to the overall marketplace growth, everyone benefits from having more Sellers: customers enjoy more variety and Sellers have access to more customers. As such, we don’t believe in putting up any artificial barriers for you to join.

GET PAID: Zazzle Has the Best Earnings Program

Zazzle pays you top dollar to invest your valuable time in our platform and we respect your ongoing investment by not distinguishing between your Store and Marketplace sales. Grow your online earnings with Zazzle’s Seller Incentive Program features:

  • Price and earnings control on all products:
    Zazzle’s Name-Your-Royalty pricing system allows you to protect the value of your content, set earnings and the final sale price of each product, whether sold through your own Store or through the Zazzle Marketplace.
  • Generous 15% referral fees paid on all referred sales:
    Zazzle’s Associate Referral Program is a free program that allows you to earn referral fees on all sales you drive through qualified links – whether your own Store’s product or a third-party product from the Zazzle Marketplace. Choose from over 18 billion custom products and from premium, branded content.
  • Significant Volume Bonus and helpful ProSeller Programs
    The Zazzle Volume Bonus Program gives you the opportunity to earn as much as 32% of qualified sales (in addition to your product royalty) on sales through your Store or through the Zazzle Marketplace. Bonus tiers start at just $100. Sellers averaging just $100 in earnings for 3 consecutive months qualify for Zazzle’s ProSeller Program – a program designed to help you accelerate your earnings growth even more.
  • Earnings are subject to modest carve-outs in specific cases:
    Managing a fast-growing marketplace with customers, partners, and Sellers is highly-complex and incurs significant costs for ongoing administration and improvement. Referred sales and royalty rates in excess of 20% are subject to modest earning carve-outs. Learn More

GET PAID MORE: Grow Your Zazzle Business FAST with New Tools

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work developing the best tools and features for you to rapidly develop, launch, and grow your online Zazzle Stores, absolutely FREE:

  • Get your content on Zazzle, fast:
    Drag-and-drop thousands of images directly into your account with Zazzle’s Bulk Image Uploader for Windows. Coming very soon: Zazzle’s new flash-based Bulk Uploader allows Macs and PCs to upload hundreds of images to your account at a time!
  • Create Zazzle products quickly:
    Use Zazzle’s Quick Product Create (QPC) tool to create up to 100 products simultaneously. Use QPC in conjunction with Zazzle templates to rapidly create great-looking products. Coming very soon: Sku / Style filtering allows you to control the available styles for your Store’s custom products!
  • Control the look and feel of your Zazzle Store:
    The Zazzle zBar reduces the size of the standard Zazzle header to provide you with more space to highlight your own Store branding. The Zazzle Create API allows you to pass custom content to Zazzle products from your own site. The Zazzle Store Builder allows for easily featuring your Zazzle Store products on an external website. Coming very soon: Zazzle’s Advanced Store Customization Public Beta will allow for highly-flexible Store skinning using CSS and custom HTML!
  • Take advantage of Zazzle’s rapidly growing traffic: nearly tripled in traffic in the last 12 months and now has over 7.5 million unique visitors per month with no signs of slowing down ( is low, but is a good relative indicator of growth). Zazzle’s Google Base upload service streamlines the process of listing products in the Google search engine. Zazzle also recently launched a true localized website in the United Kingdom, optimizing the new domain implementation ( to enable Sellers to reach an important market of brand new customers. Coming soon: More localized international sites, more new customers!

Zazzle’s Technology-Driven Innovation = Sustainable Growth for Sellers

Zazzle offers Sellers the unbeatable combination of management integrity, aggressive earnings programs, and sustainable long-term growth through technology-driven product and software innovation. In 2008, Zazzle launched four brand-new, industry-recognized product lines: Business Cards and Profile Cards, Custom Keds Shoes, Custom Skateboards, and real on-demand Custom Embroidery. (And coming very soon: Pet Apparel!) Our unique ability to strategically launch new, highly-marketable custom products provides our Sellers with new revenue opportunities and access to different and growing markets. Zazzle is recognized as a technology leader in the mass customization space and was named to Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 Best Retail Websites for 2009.

Zazzle’s Commitment to the Long-Term Success of our Sellers is Unwavering

If you’re already a Zazzle Seller, we hope you are as excited as we are for another successful year full of new features, tools, and custom products to help you grow your sales! If you are new to the Zazzle platform, welcome! You have found a great community of Sellers to join and there is no time like the present to start investing in a bright future with Zazzle as your partner.

What Do You Think?

We’d love to know your thoughts.  What makes a good platform partner?  What are the tools and features you’d like to see?  How about new products?  Are you as excited as we are about the possibilities, and what’s to come?  Let us know by posting a comment!

Visit Zazzle’s Sell Section | Create an Account

Important Seller Blog Post

April 23, 2009

Just wanted to share this important Seller Blog post to the entire community:

Since yesterday morning, Zazzle HQ has been flooded with phone calls, emails, forum posts, blog posts, and tweets from our own Sellers and from the greater community inquiring about the Zazzle e-commerce platform – in particular, Zazzle’s Seller programs, policies and tools….

Continue reading on the Seller Blog


Mother’s Day Gifts and FREE Mom Gift Card from Zazzle!

April 23, 2009

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to get all those essentials you’ll need to prove your love to the person responsible for giving you life (my Mom made me say that). Check out some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts below like Mother’s Day cards, Mother’s Day mugs and Mother’s Day aprons. Or, thanks to the power of Zazzle, you can create your own set of Mom gifts by uploading your photos and text to make the perfect gift mug, t-shirt, mousepad and more! Learn more about creating a custom Mother’s Day gift.

mother's day card mothers day mug mom to be t-shirt

Also, from now until May 1st, we’re including an extra gift from Zazzle to your mom (who may or may not go to college). For every order you place over $55, we’re including a free Mother’s Day greeting card and $10 Zazzle gift card! So order now and order often because you’ve only got a few days to get in on this sweet deal.


Happy Earth Day – Buy a shirt TODAY and we’ll plant a tree with American Forests!

April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day! As you know, we’re celebrating Earth Day at Zazzle by planting a tree for every shirt that is purchased on the site when you use the code PLANTATREE09 at checkout (learn more). So get your Earth Day shirt, organic shirt, sustainable shirt, or just plan funny t-shirt on Zazzle today because last time I checked you can’t turn CO2 into oxygen or photosynthesize energy like a tree can.

Star Wars Organic T-shirt this shirt plants trees edun live earth day t-shirt


Tree-Shirt Releaf! You buy a shirt, Zazzle plants a tree!

April 20, 2009

Earth Day is April 24th!

Zazzle has teamed up with American Forests to plant trees in the US.  Every shirt that is purchased on Zazzle with promo code PLANTATREE09 will enable American Forest to plant a tree.  You can get more information here:

This is a great campaign that you can promote on your websites and other marketing channels to help drive additional sales. Get the banners to promote it here.

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