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Happy Halloween from Zazzle!

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from the entire team at Zazzle! Whether you’re trick or treating, or just creating some custom holiday cards (holiday cards are so hot right now!) we hope that you’re having fun this Halloween. See our Halloween fun below, we just got finished with the annual pumpkin and costume contests – they were more fun than a pillow sack full of candy.

3rd Place

2nd Place

The Winner

The Contest Winners!



More than just embroidery…

October 31, 2008

Release O’Plenty

Wow. What a release! If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve just pushed out one of the biggest releases in Zazzle history. Not only are we now doing real embroidery, but we’ve packed this release full of candy-coated goodness! Unfortunately, we’ve hit a couple performance snags, but we’re getting those resolved very quickly – keep your eye on the Zazzle Forums for updates on that front.  For a quick overview, read our main blog post entitled Embroidery AND New Features. In this post, I’m going to get into some detail on some new features of the Zazzle Design Tool.

I’m such a tool(bar)

One of the first things you might notice is the look of our toolbar. We’ve reorganized it to show more options in a familiar menu style.

There are now Select, Edit, and Align options in the toolbar. These features help you select design elements, copy and paste them, and align them relative to each other. Next time you create something, check them out!

Also, if a product contains more than one design area (front and back of a t-shirt, multiple areas of a shoe, etc.) an Area selector appears on the left. This is a quick and easy way to select the different areas of a product to design on. And the best part is that now they contain easy to understand icons.

Oops, I messed up again

One thing a lot of people do is customize an existing design. You see a cool design and want to add your name, or you want to nudge the image a bit higher. If a contributor has allowed customization, anyone can do these things.

Of course, when you start messing around with a design, you may end up with something that doesn’t quite look like you pictured it. What to do?

REVERT! Yes, now there is an option to revert any design to its original state before you started changing things. Revert is located just under the Post for Sale button.

Templates made easy

So here’s the big one. The top banana. The Big Kahuna. El Jefe. Yes, ladies and gentlecontributors, we now have an easy way to make templates! Zoinks!

“You mean we don’t have to double-click somewhere and add cryptic brackets anymore?”

Correct. There is now a template UI!

You can make a product become a template by simply defining which image(s) or text object(s) can be replaced by the buyer.

Add an image to a product. You will notice an “Advanced options” link on the image object.

Click the Advanced options link to show all advanced options.

One of the options is a checkbox labeled “Make this a template object”. Checking that box will display all the options available for defining this template image placeholder.

When you select “Make this a template object”, you have access to four options:

  1. Product page label – This is the label that the customer will see on the product page. Use something descriptive here, like “Your picture” or “Your logo”.
  2. URL parameter name – If you are using the Zazzle API to pass data to this product from an external source, this is the parameter name the API will use. Avoid spaces or special characters. You can safely ignore this field if you are not working with the API (see the Zazzle API documentation for more information).
  3. Inner fit/fill mode – For images.If your template allows the buyer to replace your placeholder image with one of her own, this setting determines how the buyer’s image replaces yours. The options are none, fit, or fill.

    – If you set Inner fit/fill mode to none, the buyer’s image simply replaces your placeholder image, and may be larger or smaller than the – Selecting fit will resize the buyer’s image to fit inside of your placeholder image object’s dimensions. This will ensure that their image is not cropped.

    – Selecting fill will resize their image to fill the entire dimensions of your placeholder image. If the buyer’s image is wider or taller than your placeholder, this may result in zooming and cropping of the customer’s image.
  4. Allow editing on product page – Keep this checked if you want to enable EZ Templates on your product page. Unchecking this option is usually only done when working with the Zazzle API.

Once you have filled out all the options, click Post for Sale. You are then presented with the normal Post it for Sale page. Notice the checkbox labeled “This product is a template”. This tells you that the product contains template objects, and that it will be posted for sale as a template. Only uncheck it if you decide at this point to not allow customer personalization of this product; otherwise keep it checked.
Congratulations! You have just created a template product!

Lock it up!

Sometimes, you may want to create a template product but have items that are not changeable by a customer. Now you can simply check the box labeled “Lock this image” or “Lock this text object”. This will essentially lock the item and not allow any editing of it whatsoever (can’t delete it, move it, resize it, etc.)

That’s all there is to it, folks!

Embroidery AND New Features

October 31, 2008

So on top of launching the world’s first on-demand embroidery yesterday, there were also a bunch of great new features launched! See below for awesome new tools to have more fun with Zazzle and share it with the world (and make more money if you’re into that whole thing 🙂 )!

New Sharing Tools

See a shirt you really think your BFF would love? Well, with the new share section on the Zazzle product page you can now twitter, blog, link and email your favorite products to the world. We’ve also got the “Add This” tool built right into the page so that you can add Zazzle products to just about any site you’re a member of. Remember, sharing is caring!
Contributor Hint: This is a great way to promote your products before the big holiday season…

Design Tool Improvements
The best way to customize t-shirts online just got better!

  • Selecting multiple objects – now you can move, align or delete more than one text and image object at a time!
  • Reverting customization – when customizing a marketplace product, you can now revert to the original if you make a mistake (or just want to try a different way of customization).
  • Creating templates is a snap – check out the new template creation process, it’s now easier than pie to create a template out of your custom designs.

    Contributor Hint: Templates are a great way to allow customers to interact with your products. Templates make it easier for customers to personalize your designs to their needs which increases the chance that they will buy from your gallery.
  • Try the new features out by creating an embroidered shirt.

Google Analytics

This one is big for our contributors, we heard you guys asking for it so here it is: Google Analytics integrated right into your contributor gallery! Thanks to the power of Google’s free data tracking and analysis software, contributors are able to analyze their traffic end-to-end from their website, blog, etc all the way to their gallery. Activate Analytics in your gallery by going to

Bulk Product Editing
Now you can select and edit multiple products at once! Need to change a tag on all your obama t-shirts? No problem, just go to and then select as many products as you’d like and you’ll be able to edit the rating, categories, tags, and product visibility, and royalty.

Bulk Image Editing
Edit every image in your image gallery at once. Add a description or change the title to multiple images. Get started here

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff! And on top of all of this it’s Halloween! BOOOOOO! Well, I am going to get back to pumpkin carving cuz we’re in the middle of a pumpkin carving contest at the office and of course my team is winning….checking out our Mickey Mouse pumpkin below – I love Disney Halloween!

(more pics coming soon)


New! On-Demand Embroidery!

October 30, 2008
custom embroidery

Check out the hot new threads on Zazzle. No I don’t mean new apparel skus like zip-up hoodies and organic bags, I mean the THREADZ! Yep, you got it, we’ve just launched the first EVER, real, high-quality on-demand custom embroidery! That means you can choose from great community embroidery content and customize it or upload your own designs to Zazzle and create REAL embroidered products from embroidered hats, and embroidered hoodies to embroidered bags and more. Check out some examples below of the world’s first on-demand embroidery.

embroidered Track Jacket embroidered Hat embroidered polo

Also, watch every embroidered design you create stitch out with the stitch player! It allows you to see your design before you buy (and it’s just really cool).

Zazzle Stitch Player

Don’t forget Zazzle contributors – start publishing your embroidery designs to the marketplace and start selling retail-quality on-demand embroidery now!

Finally, our new embroidery product was so HOT that it actually set off the fire alarm at the Zazzle HQ – how’s that for a product launch! Check out the embroidery design that was just too hot for the office (you knew it was going to be the Zazzle Logo of course!).

Learn more about embroidery, custom embroidery, and embroidery designs at Zazzle.


Pizap Integrates the Zazzle API

October 28, 2008

Ever wanted to have more fun with your photos than just putting them in boring old frames? I bet you do! Check out which has a bunch of FREE online tools that can allow you to upload, edit, share and make product out of your photos. Check out the little speech bubble I added to the doggy, yeah it’s true, all dogs love bacon. Try this fun little tool for yourself here.

Pizap and Zazzle Tools

Also if you’ve got a great tool that you want to make money with, check out the Zazzle API to see we can help you merchandise your idea!


High School Musical 3 Opens Today

October 24, 2008
high school musical

Today is opening day for Disney’s High School Musical 3 and what a party it will be! It’s senior year for the gang at East High and they’re rocking all the way to graduation on the big screen with their theatrical debut and latest installment in the series. If you want to be a part of the High School Musical party, get over to Zazzle’s High School Musical gallery to find all your High School Musical t-shirts, High School Musical Posters, Troy t-shirts and more! Some of my favorites are below.

high school musical troy t-shirt high school musical poster high school musical mousepad

Learn more about Disney Holiday Cards at Zazzle.


Zombie Halloween T-shirts!

October 23, 2008

There is nothing more day-ruining than having a bunch of zombies attack you on a fall afternoon. That is why we at Zazzle have started the League of Voters for Zombie Attack Awareness to talk about zombie issues and bring the zombie epidemic to light. I encourage everyone to get zombie t-shirts, zombie buttons and more to help stop these marauding, brain-eatin’ creatures of the undead. Or, if you just really like zombie movies (my favorite style of horror movie) you should check out some of the great zombie products on Zazzle, they’re brain-o-licious.

Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt
Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt
Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt
Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt Zombie T-shirt

Just in case you don’t know how zombies dance, check out this video; consider it educational (that means it’s ok to watch at work).

Learn more about Halloween hats and zombie hats at Zazzle.


T-shirt Halloween Costumes

October 21, 2008

Who says that a Halloween costume has to be a lot of work? I subscribe to the minimalist form of Halloween, just a simple dark t-shirt with a pithy slogan on it and you’re good to go to all those Halloween parties. Why spend all that time dressing up to be the werewolf when you know people are going to get a bigger kick out of your funny t-shirt? Check out some of my favorite Halloween t-shirts below and get yourself a costume that is easy to do and easy on the budget.

halloween Dark t-shirt frankenturn t-shirt iboo t-shirt

hello my name is hate halloween t-shirt frankenstein t-shirt vampires suck t-shirt


We’ve also got Halloween Election shirts!

mccain is scary t-shirt Barack Obama halloween t-shirt palin halloween t-shirt

Learn more about Halloween hats, Halloween mugs, and Halloween cards at Zazzle.


Zazzle at Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

October 20, 2008

This past weekend was The Craigslist Foundation’s Boot Camp to teach excited world-changers how to create a non-profit successfully. To do our part, Zazzle helped sponsor the event, and we had tables set up where we explained how the Zazzle platform can help charities and non-profits generate awareness and revenue for their programs with no cost! Everyone was really receptive to Zazzle’s Giving program, and loved the formal presentation done by co-founders Bobby and Jeff Beaver. Check out the team at Boot Camp!

Zazzle at Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

If you have a charity or non-profit organization and want to learn about how to leverage the free Zazzle platform to grow your cause, visit our Zazzle Giving Section.

Also, if you want to get some awesome Craigslist t-shirts to help support the cause, you should check out Zazzle’s Craigslist Gallery for all your Craigslist mugs, Craigslist hats, Craigslist mousepads and more.

craigslist t-shirt sombrero you looked better on craigslist craigslist addict

See more Craigslist bumperstickers, Craigslist postage and more at Zazzle.


Casper The Friendly Ghost

October 17, 2008

Casper’s got a new look on Zazzle! We’ve added more products and new images to the Casper Gallery on Zazzle so that you can get your favorite Casper images on Casper t-shirts, Casper bags, Casper cards and more! Check out the complete collection of Casper merchandise in the Casper Gallery. *Pssttt* add custom text and you’ve got a bootastic Halloween costume that you can’t get anywhere else.

casper logo t-shirt casper bald and sexy t-shirt casper devil t-shirt

See more Casper hats, Casper postage, and Casper mugs on Zazzle.


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