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Zazzle Gallery Updates!

April 30, 2008

The Zazzle team has been hard at work improving to make your selling experience more effective and enjoyable! Check out below for some of the great updates we’ve just launched!

  • Larger product views

    We’ve increased the size of gallery product views by 15%! Your customers will love the new larger product views that really show off the quality of your products.

  • Smaller right-hand navigation

    There’s a new right-hand navigation menu that is a bit smaller to support the enhanced product views and make better use of the gallery space.

    Tool Tip: When creating categories in your gallery, keep your titles around 20 characters to prevent text breaks.

  • Management tools now in MyZazzle

    Conveniently access all of your gallery management and promotional tools in MyZazzle! You can now edit your account, orders, earnings, gallery and more all from one place. Check out the exciting gallery features now available in MyZazzle.

    • Basic Information: Update your gallery title, description, gallery tags, and gallery access (see Private galleries below)
    • Appearance: Choose a template gallery layout or create a personal look with custom color and imagery. Also, you can now change the height of your gallery header image from the standard 200px height to the new slimmer 100px height.
    • Content: Showcase which pages and what content your customers see in your gallery.

    Tool Tip: If you have two browser windows open, one on MyZazzle and one on your gallery you can make changes in MyZazzle and then refresh the gallery window to see your gallery changes take effect in real time!

  • Private galleries

    The new private gallery option makes your gallery invisible to the general public. When this feature is selected, only you will be able to see your Zazzle gallery. So, you’ll be free to create products, customize your look and feel, and build up buzz around the launch date of your Zazzle gallery without anyone seeing your gallery before you want them to. Uncheck this feature at any time to “open” your Zazzle gallery to the world.

Head over to your Zazzle gallery to start using your new and improved gallery!


The Presidential Race roars on…

April 24, 2008

The Pennsylvania Primary is over and while there is still no clear winner on the democrats side, McCain has all but secured his nomination for the republican party. Since we are in the final months of the primaries, now is the time to get out there with your Hillary custom tshirt, your custom Obama button, or your McCain bumpersticker and let your voice be heard. Check out all the gear at the Zazzle Election Center.

Barack Obama T-shirt Hillary Clinton custom t-shirt John McCain custom t-shirt

Don’t like any of the candidates? No worries, check out the Zazzle anti-McCain, anti-Obama, and anti-Hillary sections to fuel the fire of your opposition.


Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008 t-shirt Happy Earth day to everyone! Today is the day to help the planet out, so take the train to work, or maybe just don’t go to work (both save gas). Either way, make sure you are showing up in a organic t-shirt, or with your renewably sourced Earth button. Don’t know where to get these things? Well, I just happen to know of this place called Zazzle that has all that, and more. Check out the Zazzle Earth Center for all of Zazzle’s Earth friendly options.

Also, don’t forget to get your limited edition edun LIVE t-shirt. The exclusive design is only available through the end of the month and then never again! It’s sure to be a collector item for all those trying to support sustainable, Earth savin’ business at home, and Abroad.


Little Critter T-Shirts on Zazzle

April 18, 2008

Little Critter, the Mercer Mayer children’s illustrated book collection, is on Zazzle! I am sure we all remember following around our favorite Little Critters and the adventures they had. Well, now you can get those adventures on a t-shirt for the kids in your life (or for yourself, I won’t tell anyone) to share the Little Critter joy. Check out the Little Critters Gallery on Zazzle for all your favorite Little Critter t-shirts, Little Critter mugs, and more!

Here are some of my favs:
Little Critter Kids t-shirt Little Critter Logo T-Shirt Watch me t-shirt


Autism Awareness Postage

April 17, 2008

April is Autism Awareness month, and we’ve got great Zazzle Community Giving Charities that support research for a cure, and fund programs that spread awareness of this devastating disease. See all the Autism awareness charities on Zazzle.

Autism Sociert of America Postage Cure Autism Now stamp Autism Speaks Charity Stamp

Support these charities by getting your Autism Speaks postage, Cure Autism Now postage, Autism Society of America postage, and more.



April 15, 2008

In case you haven’t notice today is April 15th which means your taxes are due! So, make sure to dot your “t’s” and cross your “i’s” cause you have till midnight to get those returns in.

We at Zazzle feel your pain and because of Tax Day, we want to give you a little present. So we’ve got a nice coupon for all those tax day warriors out there for 10.40% (get it? 1040?) off your next order on Zazzle! Just use the coupon code ZAZZLETAXDAY at checkout.

Start shopping now this promo is not eligible for an extension. Also view other Zazzle Coupons


Earth Day T-Shirts

April 14, 2008

Earth Day is just around the corner and Zazzle’s got your organic, and sustainable fashion covered. Check out the new Zazzle Earth Friendly Center to learn more about all the Earth friendly options Zazzle has, and to see some amazing Earth Day t-shirts, Earth Day buttons, and Earth Day stickers.

Zazzle Earth Center

Also, don’t forget that you’ve got only 16 days left to get one of the limited edition edun LIVE Earth Day shirts which benefits the Wildlife Conservation Society. Get a edun LIVE shirt now.

Edun Live t-shirt


Free Tibet T-shirts

April 10, 2008

Recent protests of the Olympics have spawned a flurry of new designs on Zazzle in support of the Tibetan cause and in support of China. See all of the Free Tibet t-shirts, support China t-shirts, and other China related products at Zazzle. Some interesting ones below.

Dalai Lama Support Crew I love Beijing Free Tibet

Also, don’t forget about the Children of Tibet Foundation on Zazzle, a member of the Zazzle Community Giving program that helps educate Tibetan children in need. 20% or more of every product sold goes back to the charity.


New Zazzle Wedding Center

April 9, 2008

Check out Zazzle’s new Wedding Center! Now you can find everything from wedding save-the-date cards and magnets to wedding invitations and wedding postage ideas, to bachelorette t-shirts all in one place! Get started now at the Zazzle Wedding Center and get everything you need for your big day.

Also, don’t forget to check out the huge collection of Knot wedding postage to get beautiful designs for your wedding mailing needs.


New Postage Rates – Same Price for a Limited Time!

April 8, 2008

puppy postage The US Postal Service has announced new rates that go into effect May 12th. But starting today, you can get your custom postage at the new rates on Zazzle! Also, for a limited time we are offering new rates postage at the OLD PRICES! So, until May 12th, get all your custom postage needs fulfilled in order to send personalized postage messages with photos, text and more without spending any extra moolah. Check out more info on the new rates at the old prices on Zazzle.

So, start shopping for postage (like wedding postage, or baby postage) or create your own postage – but get going now because this offer ends soon!


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