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Zwinky Joins Zazzle

January 31, 2008

Zwinky, an online tool that allows users to create an online avatar for free, has just joined Zazzle! Now users with Zwinky avatars are able to go over to the Zazzle Kiosk, in the Zwinky virtual world, and make t-shirts, postage, mousepads, and other products using their online character.

Zwinky on Zazzle Zwinky Hat Zwinky Shirt

Along with the avatar merchandise, non-zwinky and zwinky users alike can head over to the new Zwinky gallery on Zazzle to get Zwinky logo products like, Zwinky mousepads, Zwinky t-shirts, Zwinky mugs, Zwinky postage, Zwinky posters, and more.

So welcome Zwinky and check out the Zwinky gallery, or get started creating your own Zwinky to put on lots of great Zazzle products!


Today Only Postage Sale!

January 30, 2008

We’re doing a postage sale today! Just for a little mid-week fun, we’ve got all our Zazzle custom stamps on sale for as much as $5 off per sheet. See below for the nitty gritty details.

$5 off large postage
$3 off medium postage
$1 off small postage
Ends tonight at midnight!

create postage | shop postage

This is perfect for getting those Sealed with a Kiss celebrity lip print commemorative postage sheets that you’ve been eyeing… 🙂

Amy Smart Sealed with a Kiss


Custom Calendars – Perfect for Valentine’s Day

January 29, 2008

Custom love calendaras With little time to spare, I bet that you’re starting to panic about Valentine’s Day gifts. So I just thought I’d give you a little idea, like making a photo calendar with great snapshots of you and your loved one. It’s really easy, just take some photos, add them to one of our amazing calendar templates, and you’re done. But, if you really want to go all Casanova (and I know you do…), try adding little captions to each month to make it extra personal.

Learn more about making a Valentine’s Day Calendar at our calendars page »

Hey, if you don’t want to do anything for Valentine’s Day, that’s cool, but still check out the great offering of custom photo calendars that we’ve got , or create a custom photo calendar to sell if you’re into the whole making money on the internet thing (I know you’re going to click it…).

PSSTT there is a promo going on around calendars right now too….
30% off all calendars when you use this code: YEAR2008CALS but you didn’t hear it from me…


Zazzle Helps Students Become Lawyers

January 28, 2008

So you’re at law school and about to take the final exam, and guess what? Your favorite company is on the tests! I object! Well actually I don’t, I just wanted to say that…Yup, that’s right; Zazzle was the topic of an interesting question about custom postage and its uses. See the question below.

Zazzle in law school

With Zazzle being in a law school exam, it seems that we’re just one step from people saying “Zazzle it,” when they have a great artistic idea (I say it all the time and it’s starting to catch on in, I can feel it….).

Also, I thought I would remind everyone that you can create your own photo postage, or sell your designs on postage with Zazzle. Custom postage is perfect for those big events in your life, like say Valentine’s Day, or maybe a wedding HINT, HINT (your significant other told me to say that).

Check out these beautiful Zazzle custom stamps from the Knot’s wedding postage collection…HINT HINT (seriously, get moving on it)

The Knot Postage The Knot Postage The Knot Postage


Primary 2008 T-Shirts

January 25, 2008

So it’s primary fever all over the country and if you haven’t seen the Zazzle Election Center by now then you don’t know what you’re missing out on! We’ve got your Huckabee t-shirts, your McCain mousepads, your Obama shirts, your Clinton stickers, and every other candidate you can think of. And heck if it’s not in the Election Center, like say you want a shirt for Gorlaf the write-in candidate from Mars, then you can just create it! Never heard of Gorlaf? Well that’s your loss (he’s big in the northern states)…

Check out Zazzle’s Election Center to get all your campaign gear. I have included some of my favs below….

Obama Mama Conan Made Huckabee Hillary Clinton
McCain Ron Paul Love Mitt Romney


Tina Majorino Joins Sealed with a Kiss

January 24, 2008

Tina Majorino has just signed onto Seal with a Kiss again! Tina Majorino is known for her starring roles in “Napoleon Dynamite” and the TV series “Big Love.” Get Tina Majorino’s lip-print postage, and help support a great charity for animal rights!

Tina Majorino Tina Sealed with a kiss


Goodstorm Joins Zazzle!

January 23, 2008

goodstorm joins Zazzle for custom merch

Woohoo! Today, we announced our acquisition of Goodstorm, an innovator in the progressive eCommerce movement for social causes and non-profit organizations. Goodstorm will be a part of Zazzle’s focus on social causes and non-profits, complementing the Zazzle Giving efforts. So, now we’ve got a bunch of great new Goodstorm contributors, customers and friends coming over to Zazzle, let’s give them a big ol’ welcome!


Also, joining with Goodstorm are some great social partners like, Amnesty International, craigslist Foundation, United for Peace and more. Check out the complete list below and at the brand spankin’ new Zazzle Goodstorm page.

Goodstorm on Zazzle


Zigg – The Zazzle Digg

January 22, 2008

Thanks to power of coRank, a tool that allows users to create websites that share content with people, Zazzle now has its own external site for sharing and ranking products in real-time called Zigg. Of course there’s a page on Zazzle called the What’s Fresh page that does this too, but Zigg is important for sharing content outside of Zazzle. Also, it’s awesome for promoting your gallery and building your link traffic for search engines like Google and Yahoo.
Join Zigg and start ziggin’ your designs and the designs of your fellow Zazzlers! Also, check out Zazzle’s Earn Money section for more tips on making some of the green stuff (psst…there is also a blog post about the top 10 ways to earn money online with Zazzle…).


Zazzle WINS a Crunchie

January 19, 2008

Remember about two weeks ago when we mentioned Zazzle was nominated for a Crunchie

Well, last night was the big event. Drumroll please…  Zazzle won the Crunchie Award for Best Business Model. This category was focused on “a company that’s pioneering new revenue-creation opportunities.”

Learn more about the 2007 Crunchies and see the full list of winners 

We’re excited about the award, and it’s dedicated to the entire Zazzle team who have put so much into building Zazzle, and to our contributors, partners, and customers who have supported us.  

Here are Bobby and Jeff sharing the Crunchies Award:

  the Crunchies 2007 photography sponsored by Zivity

the Crunchies 2007 photography sponsored by Zivity 

Ludacris, Chingy, Field Mob and More Join Zazzle

January 18, 2008
disturbing tha peace

Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP), Chris “Ludacris” Brown’s record company, has joined Zazzle to offer DTP merchandise, which benefits a variety of charities (World Aids Month, Black Music Month, and Breast Cancer Awareness)! Some of the other artists on Ludacris’s label include Bobby Valentino, Field Mob, Chingy, Playaz Circle, Lil Fate, Willy Northpole, Chareefa, Steph Jones, Brolic, Small World, I-20, and Serius Jones. Check out all of their custom Hip Hop T-Shirts in the DTP gallery.


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