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Zazzle Eats

June 29, 2007

So it has been brought to my attention that not only is Zazzle the name of a delicious online community where contributors serve up fabulously created one-of-a-kind art pieces for the shoppers of the world to customize, buy and use for just about anything!!! BUT!!! (THERE’S MORE!) We also happen to share our name too many restaurants around the US. Here are a few that have been told to me…

There is:
Zazil restaurant
Zazil Coastal Mexican Cuisine (You know I love spicy…)

Zazie French Bistro
Zazie French Bistro (Tons of community interaction at this Bistro, just like Zazzle, coincidence? you know it isn’t!)

And the topper, the best of the best, the Cherry on top of the double chocolate ribbon cake with brownie crumbles covered in hot fudge, ice cream, and of course whip cream…It’s Cafe Zazzle! Yes that is the real name of this little restaurant in Petaluma, CA that brandishes the slogan “Eat This!” (I dig their style)

no pic sorry 😦

So my plan is to go to all of these restaurants, get the house favorite and make Zazzle Shirts for all the staff with my picture on it, eating their food (trippy I know). Cause the only thing that is more valuable to a cafe that shares a name with Zazzle is a picture of me, on a shirt (especially when it is an organic shirt, so soft….so soft…). Yeah, so any contribs that want to come, let me know, pancakes on me!


Justice’s AWESOME Shirt Video

June 28, 2007

This song and video called “D.A.N.C.E.” by DJ Justice is killer. Check out the sweet designs on those shirts! After seeing this, I’m sure most of you are going to want at least one shirt from this video. Hint hint: contributors, perhaps this style is a source of creative inspiration for your next hit… although, admittedly, we don’t quite have the t-shirt animation technology down yet, static designs are still quite cool.


Bacon Salt Joins Zazzle – Get the Shirt!

June 27, 2007

Get ready for the eventual worldwide take over of bacon-flavored seasoning – it’s kosher friendly, minus all the greasy pig-fat mess from real bacon (I can never wash it off my hands, unclean…unclean…)! Yes that’s right, the brainchild of two Seattle guys, Justin and Dave, Bacon Salt has become a reality through countless trials and diligent research. Learn more about this amazing seasoning here (comes out in mid-July) and if you’re like me, you not only want everything you eat to have that great bacon taste, but you’re also going to want it draped all over your body – get some of the gear from the Bacon Salt Zazzle gallery! ‘Cause, as the Bacon Salt people say, “everything should taste like bacon.”

Bacon Salt Shirt

Can you hear it crackin’? I can, I can….
Note: The only reason I wrote this post is because I really want a free sample, J&D?


Zazzle Helps Kids Graduate in Style

June 26, 2007

The children and teachers of Addison Elementary were en fuego at graduation this year with their custom graduation shirts from Zazzle. Check out these hip and stylin’ kids in their awesome Zazzle shirts.




(see more)

Also, if you feel the need to support Addison Elementary, get one of their great shirts from the Addison_PTA gallery. My favorite shirt? Well of course it is the Andy Warhol inspired design of principal Lentz. As the shirt says, “You’ve heard the buzz, now get the shirt!”

addison elementary Lentz tshirt


Hillary Will say ANYTHING!

June 25, 2007

Yes that’s right, one of the latest uses of the Zazzle API is’s Hillary Says It. Basically you can type anything you want into a little box, pick a pose and a background, then Hillary will say it! Not only that, once you’ve got your clever expression, you can get it on tons of Zazzle products (everything from steins to stickers). Here is a screen capture of the great advice Hillary recommends to Anne Hathaway (even though this is something I typed in, Hillary did recommend it. Actually, I think the Senate passed a resolution about this…):

Anne Hathaway and Patrick

Check out some of my other Say-It favorites:

Pave the Moon says it
Pave the Moon Says it
I love you Jenny!

Mobster Threat Generator
You talkin’ to me?!
Rummy says it
Chuck Says it
Unfortunately you can’t make him say anything like “Chuck sucks,” I tried and then a foot came through the screen and roundhouse kicked me in the face, true story.

Check out the complete list to get your Says-It on.

Also, here are some other great API examples: Coded T-Shirt
“Hello My Name is” Shirt
License Plate Shirt

If you think you’ve got a great API idea, learn more about how to use the Zazzle API here, and then tell me about it so I can check it out!


Says-It let's you say it…through the Zazzle API

June 22, 2007

Hillary says…This is a very cool implementation of our creation API! let’s you choose from various people, backgrounds, etc, and add your own pearls of wisdom.

Then choose from a list of Zazzle products, like mousepads, t-shirts, mugs, keychains and more. Easy…breezy…beautiful!

For more info on our creation API, check my previous post.

Design tidbit #1: taking a marker to t-shirt

June 22, 2007

Hi! I’m one of the new kids on the block and let me tell you, it’s been one heck of a block party since I’ve been here. I’m the newest addition to the Product Technologies group, a potpourri of technologists, product designers, industrial engineers, and more. As for myself, I’m a self-proclaimed artist (performing and visual) who went into Mechanical Engineering at MIT because it was the closest thing to arts and crafts(!), continued that train of thought at Stanford while working in national defense, and am now living my design passion at Zazzle. It’s a dream come true to be part of the Product Technologies group, where we pour our whacky, creative energies into dreaming up “the sky’s the limit” product lines. But these aren’t just figments of anyone’s imagination; we aspire to bring them to life as well!

We get our inspiration from each other, our customers, our surroundings, and all the clever designs that we have the good fortune of stumbling across. We’re technologists, so admittedly it’s often the newest cutting-edge technological developments and abilities that inspire us to play. Sometimes it’s simply the clean, sleek feel of an object that balances just-so in the hand, that inspires an silent shiver – a beautifully harmonic trill – of delight. Or maybe it’s the re-purposing of an object; you’ve seen something familiar in one light for so long, that when you see it highlighted in another, it’s a surprising revelation. One thing that never fails to capture me is the elegance of a solution; good design has an unmistakable, eye-catching presence. Needless to say, we’re continuously energized with new discoveries and we’d love to share some of them with you. Think of them as fun tidbits heightening the anticipation until the launches of our upcoming exciting product lines!

Here at Zazzle, we spend most of our waking hours innovating cutting-edge solutions in both the virtual and physical worlds, and we really strive to push the envelope with new technologies. But it’s refreshing to also have fun with “low-tech”. Did you know you could create a customized t-shirt armed with just a black felt-tip marker? At Haque, they make it possible. There’s even an online site where you can plan out your design dynamically. It goes to show that anyone can have a lot of fun with dots of color, a marker, and a healthy dose of imagination.

And imagination is something that the Zazzle community has no shortage of! There’s so much dynamic synergy zinging about, I’m proud to be here, happy to share with you, and eager to hear about your love of design. I welcome your thoughts and ideas, and look forward to many more fun posts like this!

lauriel ^_^


Meeting with Star Wars Execs…

June 21, 2007

When Zazzle meets with Star Wars execs, our BD rep Mike is forced (get it, the force) to get into the mindset of a true star wars fan/character. Witness Exhibit A: Mike wearing a storm trooper helmet, which he had on for the entire four hour meeting (kidding).

Mike the star wars exec
Isn’t he cute?

This is what we go through at Zazzle to get all kinds of great Star Wars products for you! So come on down and browse around our the Star Wars collection, if not for me, then for Mike…


12.99 Zazzle Custom Stamps Promo – Stay of Execution!

June 20, 2007

The Governor has called and the stamps promo lives! Yes folks, that’s right, the postage promo is EXTENDED, now you can continue to get your .41 cent Zazzle Custom Stamps for 12.99 (usually 18.99 for a 20 stamp sheet) all the way through June (ends 6/30). Actually it’s not like this promo needed any help, stamps have literally been flying off the presses… so fast, in fact, that some did catch on fire. Don’t worry though, we gladly reprinted the stamps for those customers.

So if you’re a ‘Type A’ and want to design your own then get started and create Zazzle Custom Stamps with your own images, or if your a ‘Type B’ and just want to relax, sip girly drinks and look at the amazing designs from contributors, then I would suggest browsing the marketplace. Either way, you will still be getting the highest quality, real US postage around and that’s no bull…..
BUT THIS IS!!! ——> bull stamp

Note: I know that the above animal is not a bull, but I just thought it was so darn cute… it kinda worked, right? Please agree with me… my therapist says I need validation to survive. It probably all started with my father, he was always at wor—Transmission terminated, the person responsible for monitoring this kind of stuff has been sacked.

bigger is better…

June 19, 2007

time for a quickie…

hey zazzle fans (and especially contributors), rumor has it that our friends at zazzle will be doubling your royalty payments for a couple of weeks. if you buy your own stuff, that’s like a 20% off coupon! if you buy my stuff, i’ll throw in an 8×10 glossy! nice…

watch your inbox for news.


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