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Drag and Drop Design

February 28, 2006

Starting today, designing your custom t-shirts, postage, and cards on Zazzle just got a whole lot better!

We’ve added drag-and-drop to our design tools to make it easier for you to create the perfect design. Now, when you are designing or customizing any product on Zazzle, you can move any images and text just by selecting them on your product and moving them to your desired location. To resize your images, just select the image and use the handles to make it larger or smaller!

It’s as easy as click, drag and drop! Start designing now.

Did you know: Almost 80% of the products in the Zazzle marketplace are customizable? This means you can take any product you like and move the images or add your own text to create the perfect design for you!

As always, your suggestions and feedback are appreciated!

– Zazzle Product Team

Barbie and Hot Wheels!

February 21, 2006

Zazzle proudly presents two very cool collections from Mattel!

Barbie_sz150.jpgDream it. Design it. Wear it. From fashion selection to vintage collection. From urban teen to fantasy queen. This is exactly what the inner Barbie in you has been waiting for! Select shirts and posters from a variety of available styles, sizes, and colors in the following categories: Fairytopia, Barbie Style, Princess, MyScene & Barbie Logos!

hot_wheels_sz150.jpgWe know you’ve been waiting for it and now it’s finally here! Bring to life what Hot Wheels is known for – Speed, Action, Competition and Attitude. You pick it. You design it. Then you sport it and become the envy of all your friends!
Check out the Hot Wheels Design Lab categories: Essence, Adrenaline & Urban!

– Zazzle Special Collection Team

The Zazzle Star in action!

February 14, 2006

Alejandro_zStar_image_sz200.jpgThe Zazzle Star has been publicly available for less than two weeks and we’ve already seen dozens of new products that showcase a contributor’s new Zazzle url.

On the right is a product from Alejandro (one of the most prolific Zazzle contributors) and besides being a great design, the product also provides an easy avenue for viewers to find similar products by going to By including the star at the end, Alejandro will earn a referral for any purchases these visits generate so now you can wear your favorite design and make money at the same time! 🙂

If you have showcased your Zazzle Star on any of your products, let us know! Please include a link to the product in your note.

– Zazzle Community Team

Valentine’s Day is on the Way!

February 7, 2006

STC_stamp_sz221.jpgTo celebrate this special occasion, we recently released a new line of Valentine’s themed custom postage. They are great decorations for those special greetings this February and they also benefit Save the Children. The postage, filled with flowers and balloons, feature the winners of Save the Children’s artwork contest. Since the mid-1980’s the charity has invited children to enter their artwork into a twice-yearly contest with the winners receiving not only a $500 savings bond, but also the honor of potentially seeing their designs translated into a range of products that help to bring assistance to children in need.

As an official member of the Zazzle Community Giving program, Save the Children receives 20% of the net sale value of each stamp. Click here to read more and to see the new Valentine’s Day postage!

– ZazzleGiving Team

Zazzle Star

February 2, 2006

Hi everyone! We hope you recently noticed the new simplified URLs to contributor galleries. Now, instead of dealing with a long and complicated URL, you can tell your friends and family to visit “,””,” to check out your home on Zazzle. It’s that easy!

But there’s more. When you add an asterisk (*), (“,””,”), it becomes a referral link. As a result, you can earn up to 17% on sales (7% referral + 10% royalty) by using this URL. We call this new feature the Zazzle Star (notice the similarity between the asterisk and the star from our logo…pretty cool, eh?!).

The Zazzle Star is our newest Associates Program tool that helps you self-promote your work. Everyone can have their own home on Zazzle that makes it incredibly easy to share their work with the world!

The Zazzle Star can be used everywhere. Here are some cool ideas to get you started:

Grab your Star now or learn more.

– Zazzle Product Team
P.S. Check out the shirts that Redboy and Blackwhite created to show off their Zazzle Stars!

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