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Jacquie Lawson brings her magic to Zazzle

December 20, 2005

UPDATE: Jacquie Lawson cards and stamps are no longer available, but we’re working with Jacquie and we’d love to bring Chudleigh and friends back to Zazzle. In the mean time, check out all of these other amazing cards and stamps available here for you!

JacquieLawson_card1_sz250.jpgIn the midst of the Holiday Season, we are proud to spotlight the Jacquie Lawson gallery on Zazzle. Jacquie is an artist who began making electronic cards in 2000. She has her own independent website and it currently showcases 62 e-cards. As she finishes new cards, she adds them to the site one by one.

You can browse 42 cards and stamps in her Zazzle gallery. Enjoy!

– Zazzle Community Team

POV-Ray for Christmas

December 18, 2005

Back in June, we made a zNews post on the POVCOMP contest that Zazzle helped sponsor. We created a gallery to showcase the contest winners and as the holidays were approaching, our friends at POV-Ray contacted us with the idea of creating a special holiday product.

povray_holiday_card_sz250.jpgWe are proud to share this product with you! What’s amazing is that the image is entirely digitally created. You can see reflections on each ornament and they have “Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year” text on them as well. You can view the POV-Ray gallery to see the design on other products.

Some other POV-Ray galleries include The Persistence of Ignorance and Gilles Tran.


– Zazzle Team


December 16, 2005

We have a fun little feature to launch for everyone today and it’s tagging. The change is mostly an enhancement to the Zazzle keywords concept that many contributors have been using for a long time.

You can now view tags on the product page and the system supports multi-word tags to describe products. Tags are basically keywords that the contributor adds to describe the product and by exposing them on the product page, users can browse similar products more easily.

For contributors, tagging is an additional method to describe your product and ensure that users searching and browsing for a specific interest can find what they are looking for. In general, the more descriptive you can be in your tags, the better. For example, to describe a picture of your favorite pet, you could us: “pet” “dog” “canine” “golden retriever” “golden” “long hair” “animal”.

Alejandro_tags_sz230.jpgYou add tags to your product during the publish process and you can edit your tags by clicking on the manage icon in your gallery. Here’s an example of where tagging is located on the product page for a card created by Alejandro.

If you click on a tag, it automatically searches the marketplace using that term. If you are in a contributor gallery, then it only searches within that contributor’s products.

The overall goal with tagging is to provide the most compelling and useful browsing and exploring experience on Zazzle. We have many more ideas on how to make the concept more powerful on Zazzle and all suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

– Zazzle Product Team

Wyoming, Watercolors and the Wild West!

December 15, 2005

Collage_sz250.jpgWe are excited to announce that the University of Wyoming – American Heritage Center has joined the Zazzle Special Collections!

UoW Mountain_sz200.jpg
Few Universities have collections as extensive and significant as the AHC. These collections go far beyond Wyoming borders and support a wide range of research and teaching activities in the humanities, sciences, arts, business, and education.

Be sure to check out the Thomas Kennet Were Watercolors or these cool Western Photographs and Maps!

– Zazzle Special Collection Team

Disney Holiday Cards

December 9, 2005

Disney_card_1_sz200.jpgWe are excited to announce Disney Holiday Cards featuring Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, and the Incredibles.

Send your holiday greetings with a Disney touch! With many of the cards, you can add your own family photo right next to your favorite characters!

Each of the cards have been specially designed by Disney artists and more designs are coming soon.

– Special Collections Team
P.S. Mailing your Disney cards wouldn’t be complete without Disney custom postage on the envelope!

Zazzle Card Templates

December 8, 2005

Making your own unique card on Zazzle just got even easier!

We’re excited to announce new Card Templates!

Card templates are specially designed cards that have room for you to add your own photo and text to create a card that’s uniquely you.

Members of the Zazzle community have designed hundreds of card templates for all occasions including Christmas, Birthdays, New Year’s and general occasions too!

When you use a card template, your photo will appear on the front in a nice frame or similar creative position, and the inside of the card gets updated to match the style of the front. Once you’ve selected a template, you can then use our card design tool to add your own images or text on top of the design!

Start creating your card and click on the “Templates” tab to see your options!

– The Zazzle Product Team

P.S. As a special celebration, we’ve extended our 20% discount on all card prices through the end of December – get one card for $2.49 or one hundred cards for just $1.49 each!

Zazzle Holiday Power Giveaway Sweepstakes!

December 1, 2005

A few weeks ago, we were brainstorming ideas on how we could create excitement around the holiday season at Zazzle and also offer a fun promotion for all existing Zazzle members. The idea came up to offer a sweepstakes but we didn’t want to have a normal sweepstakes … we knew we needed to Zazzle it! So today we are proud to launch the Zazzle Holiday Power Giveaway Sweepstakes!, otherwise known as the “720 back to back hourly sweepstakes” 🙂

You might ask why we would want to offer 720 back-to-back sweepstakes and the easy answer is that it means we can now have 720 winners! You can only enter the sweepstakes once every hour and there are four products you can win each hour, all of equilavent value. There are three buckets of prize values …
1. Under $20
2. From $20 to $100
3. From $100 to $500

We can’t tell you when the $100 and $500 prizes will be given out but you can easily check the current prizes at the sweepstakes page.

sweeps_prizes_sz250.jpgIf you win, you have the choice of selecting one of the four products that were showcased during that hour and you can also view the previous 12 hours of prizes. The sweepstakes products (apparel, stamps and posters) come from dozens of Zazzle contributors as well as our special collecton partners, which include Disney, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Family Guy, Neopets, Build-a-Bear, and much more!

Going through some numbers, 30 days of back-to-back hourly sweepstakes means …
1. 720 sweepstakes and winners
2. 2880 products showcased
3. 96 products showcased and 24 winners every day
3. Over $10,000 given away!

So go enter the sweepstakes and see if you are a winner!!

– Zazzle Products Team
P.S. You can visit the Zazzle Gift Center for a simple way to find the perfect present. There are hundreds of products showcased from our contributors and our special collections partners.


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