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Zazzle and Yahoo!

September 29, 2005

Zazzle_Stamps_sz200.jpgToday we are very excited to announce a Zazzle partnership with Yahoo! Photos that will enable Yahoo! Photos users to convert their images into stamps in Yahoo_Photos_sz200.jpgone seamless process. Simply login to your Yahoo! Photos account, select your favorite photo and customize it with the Zazzle stamp design tool before choosing the denomination and placing an order.

Happy Zazzling to our friends at Yahoo! Photos.

– Zazzle Website Team

Ricky Buchanan, Zazzler Extraordinaire

September 26, 2005

There are few people who have inspired us here at Zazzle more than Zazzle contributor Ricky Buchanan.

Adults_need_smiles_too_sz150.jpgRicky created her Zazzle gallery in 2004 and currently has more than 75 items available. She’s the founder of Adults Need Smiles Too, an Australian nonprofit organization that mails inspirational notes, cards and other items to adult who are ill long-term just to let them know that someone is thinking about them. She actively runs three separate web sites on her own.

chronically_happy_ringer_shirt_sz175.jpgAnd she does all of it while lying flat on her back in bed, operating her computer with one finger, using an onscreen keyboard with a trackpad to type and navigate the screen.

Ricky is 30 years old, and has spent the last ten years of her life in that bed. She suffers from a progressive multi-system disease known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. The disease affects nearly every system in her body, from her memory to her digestive system to her skin and hair, leaving Ricky in constant severe pain despite strong painkillers.

No_pity_shirt_green_sz125.jpgDespite her constant pain, Ricky perseveres. Her web site NoPity Shirts, a site which she designed, constructed and maintains without assistance, features t-shirt designs she’s made available on Zazzle. Ricky’s shirts are designed around disability awareness and humor — people with a variety of disabilities are proud to wear Ricky’s funny, thought-provoking shirts every day. The site also offers an “Occasional Newsletter” and is soon launching a competition for photos featuring customers wearing their NoPity gear.

She also sells Zazzle shirts for the Adults Need Smiles Too web site (see the site for details). Ricky puts part of the proceeds toward the organization, and the remainder toward her own skyrocketing medical bills.

Even as her body continues to weaken, Ricky sees her life as improving — each decade is better than the previous. And she plans to keep it that way, saying that she has “big plans for my thirties, and for NoPity Shirts … and no disabilities are going to be able to stop me!”

Visit Ricky’s Zazzle gallery or read more about her at:
NoPity Shirts
Not Done Living
Ricky’s LiveJournal

Thank you, Ricky, for being such a source of inspiration for all of us.

– Zazzle Community Team

Weekly Contributor Feature

September 21, 2005

Every week we choose contributors to spotlight here at Zazzle. If you would like to be included in the nomination pool of featured contributors, send a note to with your gallery URL and mention one thing you would want to change at Zazzle.


– Zazzle Community Team

Online Collaboration Helps Real World Wildlife

September 18, 2005

city_of_topanga_sz175.jpgYou can’t look around Zazzle without running into something by Gregory ‘Redboy’ Gallo. As one of our most outspoken and prolific contributors, Redboy’s enthusiasm and willingness to help out is something all of us love.

That’s why we knew it had to be something good when we recently got a note from Gregory, letting us know of his own zNewsworthy happenings:

“Andrea Nefera and myself started conversing with another Zazzle Contributor, Robyn Feeley, and after a short while found we all had many creative things in common. In the course of our conversations, we learned about a cause that’s near and dear to Robyn’s heart — the Nature of Wildworks, a nonprofit wildlife sanctuary and education program in Topanga, California.”

dog_red_sz175_yellow.jpg“Nature of Wildworks rescues both injured and non-injured wildlife—many of which have been orphaned or just can’t survive in the wild. After they’re nursed back to health, they go to schools throughout the Los Angeles area to teach children about California wildlife, as well as how to care for domestic animals.”

“We knew that Robyn was already donating to Wildworks a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her originals, but we wanted to do what we could to help her raise awareness and funds. With Robyn’s permission, we started creating t-shirts for the Redboy store using Robyn’s art. We’re going to promote these t-shirts as much as possible, with all of our profits going back to the Nature of Wildworks.”

I_AM_WOMAN_sz150.jpgRobyn is excited, too. “The t-shirts are a new avenue for me, and a very exciting artistic collaboration. I’ll be wearing one of the shirts this weekend at a trade show in Culver City, California, and I’ll also present them to the board of directors of animal welfare for use in promoting the health and safety of our animals through Nature of Wildworks’ program.”

Way to go, Redboy and Robyn! Keep up the good work! See the shirts.

– Zazzle Community Team

New Apparel Design tool!!

September 14, 2005

Making your own t-shirt just became much easier and a whole lot more fun! After many hours of hard work, we are launching a brand new apparel designer. You are limited only by your imagination!

It’s as easy as (1) pick your image or photo, (2) add some text, and (3) select your shirt style and color.

apparel_design_tool_screenshot copy_sz225.jpgThe new apparel designer lets you easily put your photos and images on the front and back of shirts, add as many images as you want and embellish with text in over 100 fonts and colors! When we began the design process for the new designer, we wanted to make it powerful yet simple. You can now see your design as you change it in real-time and the entire design interface is on one page.

Try out the countless combinations of apparel styles and colors! Add an image (or multiple) and a text message (as many as you want!) to create your masterpiece. Check it out on a raglan, a henley, a basic t-shirt, or our premium t-shirts.

It’s that easy, fun, and interactive. Below is a screen shot of the “Style It” view where the user can select shirt type, color and shirt size. Try it out!


– Zazzle Product Team
P.S. Visit our help center to learn more about our apparel product information, especially our volume discounts. Buy more than one shirt and get up to 36% off!

September Newsletter!

September 14, 2005


Went out on the 14th

new apparel design tool
free shipping

Honk if You Love Stamps!

September 13, 2005

first_wheels_sz175.jpgPeter Elias is both a stamp collector and an avid Audi fan. Why not combine the two? Fascinated with the idea of putting his stamp on life, Peter came to Zazzle and set about designing a collection of stamps that chronicle all the cars he’s loved before.

first_car_sz175.jpgPeter’s love of the road started back in 1962, when he got his first set of wheels: a brand new tricycle! 🙂 Not content with a manually-powered mode of transportation, Peter eventually moved on to gas-powered vehicles, falling in love with his first Audi while still just a college lad. Through the 70s and 80s, Peter owned a variety of Audi automobiles — and each decade of his car history is documented on a Zazzle Stamp.

modified_car_sz175.jpgPeter is still driving an Audi, and is in the process of creating stamps that document the Audis of the 90s and today. Two of his favorite Audis are pictured on stamps to the right. The upper stamp is Peter’s first car and the second is one that he modified. Happy motoring *and* creating, Peter!

– Zazzle Community Team

All the Way from Coney Island

September 8, 2005

On this very day more than a century ago, the first roller coaster in America was patented by La Marcus Adna Thompson. An inventor by nature and a knitting company businessman by trade, Thompson stepped back from the business world in order to pursue less stressful ventures … and we’re glad he did! He debuted his first coaster, the Switchback Railway, at Coney Island in 1894.

binkybink.gifZazzle Contributor binkybink celebrates this amusement park staple in her print titled “Coney Island,” a black and white print of the venerable Coney Island Cyclone, added to her growing Zazzle gallery just last month.

Do you have your own roller coaster images to share with the world? Log into your Zazzle account to upload them, or get a little inspiration by browsing through existing images.

Some other thrill seeking categories at Zazzle are Sky Diving, Extreme Sports, Skiing & Snowboarding, and Rock Climbing.

– Zazzle Community Team

Zazzle Launches Community Stamps

September 6, 2005

Zazzle - 3 Stamp Collage.JPGFirst it was t-shirts. Then cards and prints. And now, Zazzle contributors can add artwork, photos and designs to actual US postage! That’s right. You can design and create your own stamp, publish it to your gallery and share it with the Zazzle community, even earning royalties on it.

Zazzle - 6 Stamp Collage.JPGMake your mark—literally! ZazzleStamps are a great way to add a special touch to a wedding invitation or a holiday card, and they’re a perfect way to jazz up everyday correspondence. Check out ZazzleStamps contributors Dawn Hudson and Chris Wagner for a little inspiration, then build a stamp of your own.

– Zazzle Product Team
P.S. Check out the “Stamps from the Zazzle Community” showcase and also see the Special Collection Stamp galleries.

Happy Labor Day and a Free Shipping Offer!

September 2, 2005

shipping-box.gifAs we go into the long weekend, we wanted to let you know that Zazzle’s offices will be open for the Labor Day holiday. The presses will be rolling, customer service reps will be here to answer any questions you may have and even Chubbs (the official Zazzle dog) will be wandering through the halls, checking out all the activity!

In celebration of the holiday, we’re offering free ground shipping on any order, large or small — but only through Tuesday, September 6. Use the promotional code LABORDAY2005, receive free ground shipping on your order and enjoy your Labor Day!

– Zazzle Website Team

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