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Weekly Contributor Feature

August 31, 2005
“I’m probably best known for my artwork in the gaming card industry, though—in fact my Zazzle Contributor name pays homage to one of the most popular cards I worked on, Magic: The Gathering’s Nightmare.” – Nightmareartist

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So Much News…Where to Start?

August 29, 2005

Have you ever had so much to tell a friend that when you started trying to tell them, you couldn’t get it out fast enough? That’s how we feel right now. There are so many exciting things happening at Zazzle, we don’t even know where to start!

Okay. Deep breath. Here we go:

First, we’d like to announce Disney Prints. Now Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and the gang can grace the walls of your dorm room or bedroom. The entire Disney collection is now available as prints!

Next on the list is the addition of Pink Panther shirts. The Inspector may have trouble tracking him down, but you won’t. The Pink Panther debuts this week right here on Zazzle!

And last but not least we’ve added new stamp collections. In addition to making your own postage, or using Disney images to create custom Disney postage, there are now four more stamp collections to use and explore. Images from the Library of Congress, Zodiac Girlz, California State Library and Harvey collections can now be added to a stamp of your choice!

Phew! That’s a lot of news! Enjoy!

– Zazzle Special Collections Team


Quick summary of new launches: Disney Prints, Pink Panther shirts, Harvey stamps, California State Library stamps, Zodiac Girlz stamps and Library of Congress stamps

Celebrate Your Summer!

August 25, 2005

storyTakeYourVacationHome.jpgAs summer comes to a close (didn’t it seem like it just started?!?) it’s natural for the mind to wander back, lingering over the memories of Summer 2005. But why leave a memory as just a memory? Some Zazzle contributors have taken their hot weather activities a step further, creating products that celebrate their own summer memories.

As usual, our contributors inspire us. The “Celebrate Your Summer” pages are a special section we’ve just added to Zazzle for them – in it, contributors have shared some of their summer stories and displayed the products they created. Will you be inspired by a t-shirt that captures a vacation to Peru, or is a cute card featuring Jack the terrier more your speed? Read six ‘what-I-did-during-my-summer’ stories from Zazzle contributors, then decide which of your own summer adventures deserve to be immortalized as a Zazzle product.

– Zazzle Product Team

Weekly Contributor Feature

August 24, 2005
“I’m probably best known for my artwork in the gaming card industry, though—in fact my Zazzle Contributor name pays homage to one of the most popular cards I worked on, Magic: The Gathering’s Nightmare.” – Nightmareartist

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Zazzle August Newsletter is sent!

August 22, 2005

Extra, extra! Read all about it! We have just sent out our August Newsletter! To join Zazzle and receive these newsletters on a monthly basis, go to the account settings page and as an extra bonus, you can read the newsletter here … enjoy!

Features for this issue include…
 – Say it with a stamp
 – Funky Alphabet
 – Liven up dorm walls
 – Hot tip
 – Zazzle Me!
 – Launch of Disney Stamps!
   (see some to the right!)

Plus our Lucky Draw Winner from July!

– Zazzle Website Team

Extra, Extra! Tell us About It!

August 19, 2005

suggBox_v2.gifSure, there are a lot of things happening here at Zazzle. We’re adding new features and content every day, launching Zazzle Stamps as a whole new product, receiving countless designs from Zazzlers all over the world and even fitting in a BBQ! But zNews isn’t just a place for us to share what’s happening — it’s a place for you to tell Zazzle-lovers what’s happening in your world. So here’s the plan.

Did one of your designs recently win an award? Do your friends and family love to wear your Zazzle-designed t-shirts (and do you have a photo?) Will your art be featured in an upcoming exhibition? If so, let us know! Send us your latest news at, and it may just appear right here on zNews or may help land you a Contributor spotlight.

Want to just share an opinion or let us know areas we could improve the web site or any part of the Zazzle experience? Send a note to Don’t hold back — our Inbox is always open to input from contributors and shoppers. We rely on your feedback to make improvements to Zazzle … and we listen! Case in point: one of our contributors suggested that we try to feature a larger number of products and images on the products page. Great idea! We recently added three scrollies to the page, so that we can show twice the number of products in the same amount of space.

So what are you waiting for … send us your news and views today!

– Zazzle Website Team

Weekly Contributor Feature

August 17, 2005

This week Zazzle launches a new regular feature in zNews, the Zazzle Spotlight! Each week, we will highlight popular contributors that represent the diversity and quality of products in the Zazzle marketplace.

If you would like to be included in the nomination pool of featured contributors, send a note to with your gallery URL and mention one thing you would want to change at Zazzle.


– Zazzle Community Team

“Sometimes I have inspiration, but no energy! Other times, there is no inspiration or energy, so creativity is nil. This is a great time to either take a nap, or browse through other artist’s galleries at Zazzle and marvel at the wonderful ideas and amazing creations they have. Of course, you never take an idea for your own, but this can give you the ‘push’ you need to start the creative wheel rolling again! And if that doesn’t work, you can always take that nap! (Laughs)” – Xfinity7

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Otto Bergman freezes time on U.S. postage!

August 15, 2005

age_equals_stampvalue_sz125.jpgAn avid stamp collector for over 50 years, Otto has eagerly tracked the evolution of U.S. postage. When ZazzleStamps launched on July 18th, 2005, Otto was among the first to place an order. To capture the timeless memories of their lasting love, Otto submitted a series of images of himself and his wife, Joanne, dating back to the 1960s. One fun idea Otto thought of was to match the postage denomination with the couple’s age in the photo, such as the stamp to the right.

Using the Zazzle design tool, Otto also combined two pictures, one of himself as a young man and a second more recent picture, to make the stamp below. Great idea Otto!

two_pictures_sidebyside_sz125.jpg“As a long time postage stamp collector, it was always my dream to see my image on a stamp, and now with Zazzle that’s possible. I chose Zazzle as my source for personalized postage stamps due to the large rectangular image size, appealing design, flexibility of horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) formats, multi image options, quality printing, their discount structure for multi sheets having different designs, and prompt delivery. Many of my stamp design ideas are original, while some have come to me from seeing what others have done. I also find that Zazzle stamps make for great gifts.” – Otto

Otto continues to brainstorm innovative new uses for customized postage and we look forward to his future designs! If you would like to share a stamps story with the Zazzle community, send a note to Happy Zazzling!

– Zazzle Community Team

SophieLerlei Adds Product Number One Thousand Two Hundred Seventy-Nine!

August 11, 2005


Digital graphics — the category encompassing digital artwork, graphic design and illustrations — is one of Zazzle’s most popular. And just last week SophieLerlei, a Zazzle Contributor since 2002, added five new pieces of artwork to her gallery, bringing her total number of products to 1279. Sophie is now officially Zazzle’s most prolific digital artist!

A Swiss artist, SophieLerlei is not only extremely talented — she also has a big heart. She donates all proceeds from the sales of her fractal art to the Children’s Hunger Relief Fund.

We look forward to your next gallery additions Sophie!

– Zazzle Community Team

TeamZazzle Fires up the Grill

August 8, 2005

T_cooking_cropped_sz150_shaded_border.jpgAt Zazzle, we not only work hard — we also play hard! This past weekend, we gathered ’round the grill to enjoy a little Korean BBQ. Master chefs Albert and Tiancheng (pictured) took turns at the new Zazzle grill, basting, turning and grilling some of the tastiest food us Zazzlers have ever had the pleasure of eating. All in all, it was a nice break from the busy schedules we’ve all been keeping at Zazzle—and a celebration of good summer weather we’ve been having here in Palo Alto.

Speaking of celebration, it’s not too early to start planning for your own — perhaps a ‘Goodbye Summer’ soiree or a traditional Labor Day cookout.

Consider making this a party to remember with custom invites or shirts from Zazzle … you can search “BBQ” in the Zazzle product galleries for some mouth-watering inspiration on a product of your own. Some of our favorites are BBQ King, Hot Dog and Berries.


– Zazzle Website Team

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