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Rock and Roll with Shift and Control

July 29, 2005

Trying to get an image lined up just right with the margins, text, or another image in the design area? Attempting to zoom a little slower or resize text a little faster? Now it’s easier! Today, Zazzle introduces Shift + Control functionality-especially for those designs that need more delicate (or even more robust) movement than the current directional tool offers. Shift (faster) and Ctrl (slower) even work with zooming your image and re-sizing text!

Want to nudge an image just a little bit, or a whole bunch? Follow the easy instructions below:
A little bit:
Simply press your Control key (Ctrl) while using your mouse to click the arrow in the direction you want the image to move. Your image will move slowly in your intended direction.


A whole bunch:
Hold Shift while using your mouse to click the arrow in the direction you want, and watch your image leap across the screen.

Every day, we try to think of ways to make Zazzle an even better experience for you…if you have suggestions on functionality we should add, drop us a line! Until then, stay tuned to Zazzle News…you never know what we’ll think of next!

– Zazzle Product Team

Digital Blasphemy!

July 25, 2005

On July 11, 2001, Ryan Bliss added his first design to the Beta Zazzle website. Since then, his gallery, named Digital Blasphemy, has become one of the most popular on Zazzle. Ryan bought his first computer in late 1994 and is a self-taught 3D artist. He worked as a programmer until early 1999 when he quit to devote himself full-time to his artistic passions.

4.jpgSince his first Zazzle contribution, he has added 49 additional images to his Zazzle gallery for all the world to see. Here’s a picture of his first poster.

Ryan’s images are an amazing example of the realism that can be created with digital graphics tools. In the Idyll poster above (top left), you can almost feel the sun shining from behind the trees.

A variety of frames available at Zazzle are shown in Ryan’s posters above and below. A couple of these are on the walls of our offices here in Palo Alto, CA. 🙂

Keep up the great work Ryan. We are looking forward to what you will come up with next!

– Zazzle Community Team

Zazzle winner!

July 22, 2005

This is an exciting time for all Zazzlers and to celebrate the launch of ZazzleStamps, we are giving away a $500 shopping spree every day of this entire week! What could you do with $500 at Zazzle?

Well, let’s see. You could buy …


Keep an eye out for a special card in your Zazzle package when it arrives and you might be one of the lucky winners! Everyone reading zNews is also a winner of free-shipping if you use the special promotion code ZAZZLAUNCH99 during the checkout process from now until the end of August.

– Zazzle Website Team


July 18, 2005


Today is a special day as we launch a new product, ZazzleStamps. Along with shirts, posters and prints, we know that Zazzlers will love the ability to add their images and messages to customized postage and mail them to their friends & family. In addition to your personal images, you can also use images from special collections such as Disney InkShop custom postage, with more on the way!

Check out these awesome stamps that we made:


Whether it’s a wedding invitation, graduation announcement or simply a letter to a friend, ZazzleStamps is a wonderful way to share your memorable occasions and passions with others. Here at Zazzle, we are all about empowering you to express your creativity and make products you care about … ZazzleStamps now enables you to share your creativity with others through the US Mail 🙂

Be sure to check out the new Zazzle design tool for stamps as well. It is the crowning achievement of many nights of work here at Zazzle, plus a generous amount of coffee for fuel :). Keep an eye out for continued design tool upgrades across the site as we make the Zazzle experience with shirts, posters, prints and postage the best on the web!


– Zazzle Website Team
P.S. In the spirit of the ZazzleStamps launch and the upgrade of the zNews page, we have a special gift for all of you. Use promotional code ZAZZLAUNCH99 from now until the end of August and you will receive FREE SHIPPING on all your Zazzle orders … cool huh?

zNews Upgrade and One-Year Birthday

July 17, 2005

This is the one-year birthday of zNews and to commemorate the event, we have launched a comprehensive upgrade of the page with new content, layout and tools. Hip-hip-hooray!! We hope that this page is a resource to the Zazzle community, providing valuable information, meaningful stories and great highlights of Zazzlers and their designs. We promise to update the page often and use your feedback to make it meaningful.

The new posting categories are:
(1) Contributors’ Corner: spotlight on Zazzle contributors, their stories, products and more!
(2) General News: representing the voice of the Zazzle community. Send us your favorite products, contributors, what you want to see … dream big!
(3) New Zazzle Features: in this section, you will learn about new products and website features that will help make your Zazzle experience that much better!
(4) Special Collections: our Special Collections team is working very hard to bring you the best variety and quality new content. Stay on the lookout – we promise not to disappoint.

The “permalink” on each post links to a page for each post that will stay permanent so you can share the story with a friend. The “reply” link will open an email address to Zazzle so that you may share your opinions, suggestions and ideas with us. If you ever have any zNews contributions, special news announcements or thoughts, send it to us at (news contributions) or (all other ideas and comments).

Happy Zazzling!

– Zazzle Website Team

Meet Mr. Scrolly

July 11, 2005

Today's best scrolly-med.jpg

The Zazzle engineering team has been noodling with some fun new functionality and is proud to formally introduce Mr. Scrolly today, along with new tab pages to improve the website experience. Mr. Scrolly is powered by javascript and accelerates + decelerates as the images scroll across the screen … cool huh? Also, try holding down the ‘Shift’ button while clicking Mr. Scrolly – he’ll send you to the end of a result set in a flash 😉

Check it out across the site, including the homepage, products page, special collections page and more!

One of the scrollys is enabled with the daily best of Zazzle so check back often to see what is hot!

Please let us know what you think at … all comments are appreciated!

– Zazzle Product Team

ICON4: The Illustration Conference

July 7, 2005

ICON4 logo.jpgWe’re very proud of the community of artists and individuals who contribute to the Zazzle galleries, so we took a trip out to The ICON4 Illustration Conference in San Francisco to meet some of you, and it was a blast!

icon4_dog_sz175.jpg ICON conference brings together artists from around the world to immerse, influence, inspire and inform. Check out the Zazzle ICON4 gallery and learn more about the conference. We had a booth during this year’s conference which ran from July 7th – 9th, and it was thrilling to meet many of the attendees and introduce Zazzle’s offerings to them.

Browsing the new products created each day on Zazzle constantly reminds us of the talent that exists for artistic design and imagination on the web. Awesome work and keep on Zazzling!

– Zazzle Website Team

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