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PovComp Competition Update

June 22, 2005

pov-ray image-sz50.jpgAs a sponsor of the POVCOMP 2004 contest, Zazzle is proud to offer some of the most amazing 3D artwork ever produced!
The Last Guardian - z250.jpg
Check out Zazzle’s POVCOMP contest page to view the 25 winners and meet our really cool new scroll bar for image viewing. [Editor’s Note: This was such a hit, we introduced this feature all over the site! Check out Meet Mr. Scrolly for details…]

The 1st place winner was “The Last Guardian” by Johnny Yip. As hard as it might seem to believe, the entire image was created digitally on Johnny’s computer.

In a place where time stands still, a lonely beast takes guard over the sacred water; it is the last creature of its kind, living proudly within the realm of fantasy and reality.

Second place was “The Kitchen” and the third place winner was “Dissolution”. Congrats to all the winners!

– Zazzle Website Team

Family Guy arrives at Zazzle!

June 20, 2005

Griffin-family-sz100.jpgCustomize your favorite Family Guy characters into new products at the Zazzle Family Guy Special Collection. Your favorite characters Stewie, Brian, Peter, Chris, the rest of the Griffins, their friends and more are all featured. badge-familyguy.gif

For those who have never heard of Family Guy, check them out here and let the laughs begin. Special recognition to anyone that can figure out why Stewie’s head is shaped like a football … it’s always befuddled us 🙂

– Zazzle Special Collections Team

Matthew’s Story

June 10, 2005

matthew-johnston.gifMatt Johnston is a 28 year old from Minnesota that has a dream of one day going SCUBA diving. Having been on a ventilator for the past nine years because of muscular dystrophy, Matt’s perseverance to achieve his goal is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. The team supporting him in his efforts strongly believe that this effort stands to benefit research relating to muscular dystrophy, diving medicine, and diving technology.

My name is Matthew Johnston. I have always loved the underwater world and all the life therein. Ten months ago I started to pursue my life long dream to SCUBA dive. It is more of a challenge for me because I have Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy and depend on a ventilator to breathe. As it happens, through persistence, my dream is now becoming a reality. I’ve earned the attention of several respected individuals in the fields of diving technology, medicine, and ocean engineering, as well as the press and several institutions and charitable organizations to help put together my project called Matthew Johnston: Diving a Dream.

There are several phases of this project, and the success of each relies largely on the ability of numerous resources. Mainly, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, innovators and medical personnel is needed to develop a custom underwater life support system for me. Mike Lombardi, the director of Project Innerspace, a 501c3 not for profit fiscal sponsor of the Matthew Johnston Diving a Dream project, contacted to help raise the funds I need via promotional shirts for the project.

diving_dream - back_pre_sz150.jpgMy entire project team believes that the new life support system and the efforts put into this project stand to benefit research relating to muscular dystrophy, diving medicine, and diving technology. Through my dream I hope to make others aware of the strength of the human spirit as it strives to achieve a dream, and to be a source of hope for the world. I will be diving soon thanks to all your support! Matt

Way to go, Matt … we’re proud of you! And a little background info: Matt is diligently fundraising to start the intensive engineering effort required for his project. Innerspace has created a Zazzle gallery of the official Matt Johnston: Diving a Dream t-shirt and like all Zazzle products, a percentage of each sale goes to the contributor. We’ll keep checking in on Matt and we look forward to seeing him SCUBA diving soon!

– Zazzle Community Team

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